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About Ben

ben bookerI am founder of Second Chance Fitness 24 hour Gym, a certified NASM Personal Trainer, creator of Dailyburn‘s 90 day Live To Fail strength program, and a devoted husband and father of 3.

I broke my back when I was 17 years old sentencing me to bed rest for 2 months and missing my entire senior year of sports. It was through rehabilitation and relearning how to walk that I found out how fitness can enhance every area of your life.

At the age of 24 I started my journey of sobriety after battling addiction to alcohol for many years. I believe everybody deserves a Second Chance.

I travel the U.S. to military bases speaking and implementing my Resilience Training Programs to the men and women that serve our country. I specialize in teaching people how to physically take their bodies to complete muscle exhaustion, or failure, safely and effectively for optimal overall development.

By reaching failure physically it can unlock the doors that lead to unbelievable mental, emotional, and spiritual growth that creates a new lifestyle. How I found success was through overcoming my failures.

As co-founder of SixPackAbs.com I am dedicated to teaching you the principles I have learned that can have you walking around all year with the core of your dreams having you standing taller with confidence in who you are, and creating the best you possible.

About Briana

briana michelYou‘ve seen those jaw-dropping body makeovers on infomercials around the world and probably thought WOW, right?

For several years now I have used my background in integrated nutrition and fitness training to create the coolest job! I am the * asterisk you often see underneath those transformations claiming the products were “used in combination with diet and exercise.“ I write the nutrition programs, motivate the groups and execute their training. I live for a good before and after transformation…and I have been an integral part of thousands!

Since becoming a mom in 2012, I realized EVERY day is such a precious gift and LIFE is the event we need to live in our best body every day for, not just slim down for a season or an event. Not only do I have the responsibility, pleasure and honor like many of you to be the best parent I can by leading by example, but it is also my priority to nurture a healthy, respectful, educated, and honorable human being.

I am often appalled by the public misinformation, lackadaisical attitude about our own well-being and the idea that we think weight loss and maintaining a lean, strong body has to involve suffering or giving up your day job to spend it in the gym.

My goal with SixPackAbs.com is to make living in a body you love a reality for you while still very much enjoying your life. I have written countless blogs, published articles, e-books, been contracted to write nutrition programs for products around the globe, been a winning figure competitor, infomercial host, live-shopping fitness model, a corporate wellness educator and speaker for large companies and I can say that I am most excited about the platform for SixPackAbs.com and the potential to reach more people like you and to provide the information both co-founder, Ben and I truly believe in and know to be effective.