Skinny Brownie Cheesecake, Not an oxymoron any longer!

Keto Brownie Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love the way a creamy delicious bite of cheesecake slowly pulls off the end of your fork as you savor the rich, decadent flavor? Ooh, my mouth is watering thinking about it. But store bought cheesecake is typically a lean, healthy bodies worst nightmare. The sugar, the trans fats, possibly gluten, it is a landmine  [Read More]

Burgers, Brussels & Mini Buns for Dipping

Grass Fed Burgers & Low Carb Bun

Need an easy dinner that is sure to please almost everyone in the house? Try this delicious combination; FAT, PROTEIN, FIBER, GLUTEN-FREE, LOW-CARB. Did I mention pretty flippin’ delicious?! I was fortunate enough to have this for dinner tonight and you can bet it will be on the reoccurring menu around my house. Image in this blog  [Read More]

Adrenals Shot? Poor Thyroid Function? (Part 1)

Adreanl Fatigue Hypothyroid

Some of my clients either suffer from diagnosed hypothyroidism or at the very least suspect they might have an adrenal problem. We hear a lot of people talk (gripe) about how they can’t lose weight, are battling a fatigue so fierce it may feel like they are wearing a lead jumpsuit all day even after eight  [Read More]

Dropping Calories Makes You Fatter

Dropping Calories will Make You Fat

I felt the need to write this article after I received a pretty big email response from around the globe regarding my write up on how the standard bodybuilder chicken and broccoli competition diet is unhealthy. So many people could relate to that diet and what damage it has caused or is currently causing them. I had tons  [Read More]

Triple Coconut Protein Bites (and a hint of chocolate)


My daughter wanted to make a cake for her grandmas birthday and for most people that may mean opening a box of powder and dumping in a couple eggs. Not for us! Since we respect our body (and brains) too much, we don’t do store bought junk laden with gluten, trans fats, soybean oil, dyes, corn syrup and  [Read More]

BEST BREAD EVER…Low Carb & Gluten -Free

Low Carb, Gluten-free Bread

​I have tried and failed many attempts to make a “faux bread” before. I love love love bread, so that is the hardest thing for me to steer completely clear of, but these days I am too nutritionally savvy to continue to pump my body full of gluten, high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil and whatever  [Read More]

Can Changing Your Oil Change Your Abs?

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

No, I am not talking about the oil in your car. But I am talking about caring for your most precious machine, your body. Are you ingesting processed foods with canola, corn, soybean and hydrogenated oils? Then not only are you working against your efforts in leaning out, but you may be damaging your hormones and  [Read More]

Almond Veggie Cheese Bites


This recipe has all the makings of a good side item to a meal Yummy, gooey cheese – check! Fluffy like bread/cake – check! Packs in the vegetables without being yet another salad or bagged steamers – check! Loaded with fiber – check! Even tastes good cold the next day – check! Easy to make –  [Read More]

Why the Chicken and Broccoli Bodybuilder Diet Isn’t Healthy

Bodybuilder Diet

Do you know a competitor, have been one yourself or have just read about the misery camouflaged as the hardcore bodybuilder diet? You know the one where it seems chickens are being trucked in by the ton and shoveling down bushels of  plain broccoli is a badge of honor. I used to be a figure competitor and  [Read More]