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5 Healthy Ways To Stop Cravings

Eating to get ripped six pack abs can be frustrating sometimes... especially if you've spent a lot of your life indulging in sweets, like I did. These recommendations will help you when that sweet tooth hits so that you can stay on course with your meal plan and not get things too out of whack!



Workout For Men Over 40: Smart Cardio Day

Boost your test and get rid of stubborn belly fat for good. Hey guys, what’s up. It’s Mark here with Six Pack Shortcuts today to...


Before After Fat Burn

Burn Fat Faster (3 Different Methods)

We see a lot of magic fat burning pills come through the media... and how do you ever know which of these are legit? I'll list the ingredients for which I've found legitimate, scientific research support - make sure you aren't using any crazy fat burners that are just sending your body into overdrive, leaving you mentally exhausted and physically/hormonally exhausted.

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