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3 Simple Steps To Meet Girls At The Gym

Hey guys, it’s Emma. In this article I’m going to show and tell you exactly how to approach a girl at the gym in...
SPS_WhyDietsFail to get you six pack abs

Part 1 – 28 Day Guide to Six Pack Abs

There are a few basic principles that you absolutely must know if you're trying to get six pack abs... and some of them may surprise you. Check out these 5 very simple, easy to follow principles that will help you get lean, shredded muscle, and ripped six pack abs. Hint: It doesn't involve strict dieting and starving yourself.

Part 2 – This Isn’t A “Diet”

I'll show you the basic principles you need to get six pack abs in this series, including the perfect and simple meal plan, workout plan, supplement guide, and other tips and tricks to help you get shredded six pack abs.
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Part 3 – Six Pack Meal Prep & Week 1 Meals

Here's the first week of your six pack abs 28 day transformation plan, complete with your grocery list and cooking/preparation instructions. Make sure you refer back to this whenever you need to because it has the guidelines for your cheat meals!

Part 4 – Week 2 Meals: Easy Marinated Steak

The Six Pack Abs Week 2 meal plan... Includes a delicious and super simple steak marinade recipe that you're sure to love (and that will keep you within your proper nutrition needs so you're still on your way to six pack abs!)

Part 5 – Week 3 Meals: Lemon, Garlic & Herb Marinated...

It's Week 3 and you should be seeing some definition in your body, and especially your abs. Check out this week's meal plan which includes a tasty (and extremely simple) marinade with lemon, garlic, and herb to put on your salmon.

Part 6 – Week 4 Meals: Sweet/Tangy Chicken!

Alright... Hopefully you've made it through weeks 1-3 and figured out that training and eating for 6 pack abs isn't really so awful... It's just a habit that you've got to work your way into, and be consistent with! I hope you're already feeling much better in terms of having more energy, being able to sleep better, and seeing a lot more muscle tone and definition - Keep up this week without any interruptions and you'll be ripping your shirt off to show that six pack in no time.

Part 7 – Recording & Maintaining Progress

Recording and tracking your progress is extremely helpful, and can help keep you focused on your goal. Once you've finished my 28 day program, don't stop there! Keep going - because resorting back to old behaviors will only send you back to your old body - and you're better than that.

Healthy NO COOK Meals & Suggestions

A lot of us don't have the time to devote to meal planning, buying groceries, and cooking (even though we can essentially lock it down to an hour or two per week!) - And that's totally understandable.... so here are the healthier options you can choose when you're on the run or don't have a large refrigerator or cooking utensils. This way you can get six pack abs no matter what your circumstances are.
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Six Pack Abs Workout Plan

Here is my six pack abs workout program that includes 6 days of workouts. All you need is a bench or elevated surface, and some dumbbells - and about 15-20 minutes of spare time, 6 days out of the week. This program will challenge your entire body, with splits designed to keep you working each day without overtraining.

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