Published on May 11, 2018

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Hey, Guys – Thomas & Amber DeLauer here today with an awesome leg day workout you need to start incorporating into your routine. This focuses on building your glutes and hamstrings, so, yes ladies, this is a solid booty-building routine!

Let’s get right into it:

Exercise #1 – 0:44 – Activated Single-Leg Lying Hamstring Curls – 12-15 Reps Per Side

Attach the ankle strap attachment to a pulley positioned at the bottom, then attach the strap to one of your ankles. Set the cable column to a very lightweight – this is for activating your hamstrings and getting the blood flowing through the legs for the workout. Laying flat on your stomach, start by curling your leg up, pulling your leg up towards your butt and squeezing your hamstrings at the top. Switch to the other leg and repeat the exercise.

Pro Tip – 3:01 – Make sure to keep both hips off the ground – if you can’t, you’re either fatigued or using too much weight.

Exercise #2 – 3:17 – Hip Thrusters – 10-12 Reps

Grab a flat bench and a moderately-weighted barbell; attaching the soft barbell cushion to the middle. Take the barbell and place it on your hips, then slide your butt down to the floor so now the backs of your shoulders are the only thing contacting the bench. Begin the movement by dropping your hips down to the floor, then with your heels flat and just outside a shoulder’s width, drive your hips up.

Pro Tip – 4:02 – Make sure to keep your heels dug in – rolling into the balls of your fee will target your quads instead of hamstrings & glutes.

Exercise #3 – 4:25 – Dumbbell Bulgarian Lunges/Squats – 10-12 Reps Per Side

Grab a lightweight set of dumbbells and, using the same flat bench from hip thrusters, place one leg back on top of the bench, moving the rest of your body forward so the back leg is almost completely straight. Begin by bending your front leg, trying to get your thigh parallel to the ground, then return up to the start position. Switch to the other leg and repeat the exercise.

Pro Tip – 5:19 – Putting your toe flat will inhibit your back leg from doing any of the work and make this move more intense. Also, if you have trouble with balance and stabilizing, start off without weight, or take a straight bar or PVC pipe the gym may have and place it on your side to keep you upright.

Exercise #4 – 6:42 – Kettlebell Single-Leg Deadlifts – 10-12 Reps Per Side for 3 Sets.

Stand with your feet at a shoulder’s width while holding a lightweight kettlebell or dumbbell in one hand in front of your thigh. With a slight bend in the leg on the same side as the weight, begin the movement by allowing the weight to travel down, while simultaneously letting the opposite leg travel up and back. Switch to the other leg and repeat the exercise.

Pro Tip – 7:33 – Focusing on a spot on the floor will improve your posture in the move as well as enable you to better balance yourself.

Exercise #5 – 9:44 – Kettlebell Sumo Squats – 10-12 Reps

Start by taking a moderately-weighted kettle bell and place it front and center of you. Position your feet outside a shoulder’s width, with toes point out the the sides. Start by bending your legs to get down and take the kettlebell with both hands, then as you go back up, squeeze your glutes and hamstrings.

There you have it, everybody. Now, this is a circuit you can do – so try going through this whole routine 2-3 times. Now, I know gyms can get crowded and it can be difficult to do a circuit with all these different exercises, so you can also switch things up and do each exercise individually for 3 full sets.

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-Thomas & Amber

Science-Based Six Pack | Green Detox

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