Published on Jan 7, 2018
The Best Way To Train – Time Under Tension

What is up, Thomas here bringing you a bit of science on the exercise side of things versus nutrition in today’s video. Now, when it all boils down to it, to achieve the physique I have today, I still need to work out… And, so do you!

So, today I’ll be focusing in on the upper body, specifically the chest, and breaking down bench press/dumbbell presses and the chest fly. Today’s focus will be on maximizing not only the time you are training your chest but the overall time spent in the gym. Let’s get started:

1:05 – What’s happening when you are executing a bench press with a dumbbell
1:31 – Insertion of the pectoral muscle.
1:55 – Insertion point at the shoulder is stretched

2:08: What’s happening when you are executing a chest fly with a dumbbell
2:20 – Insertion point at the shoulder is also stretched – no difference from bench press.

2:31 – If the pectoral muscle is doing the same thing in both movements, why do we do them differently?

2:55 – The bench press is a compound movement – utilizing the shoulder and elbow joints
3:00 – When doing the fly, the elbow joint is in a fixed position and only moving at the shoulder joint.

3:06 – The chest fly is not the isolation movement you think it is.
3:15 – The chest fly puts you at greater risk of injury
3:35 – The chest fly is not a great use of your time in the gym.

3:50 – 2 Things To Improve Your Chest Workout

3:57 – #1 – Focus on the contraction of your bench press: Alternate between full-range reps and half-reps to keep the tension on your chest.

4:58 – #2 – Keep movements short to reduce risk fo injury while executing flyes: Twist your arms in as your hands travel above your chest.
5:55 – Perform these when pre-fatigued.

6:07 – Bonus Chest Variation: Champagne Presses

I hope that brings some new life into some old, staple exercises you may have been doing. This way, you end up getting a whole lot more out of your workouts. Remember – don’t waste your time with the standard dumbbell flyes that are putting you at risk of injury – try out my chest workout variations and exercises instead.

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