Published on Oct 27, 2017
Help Reduce Your Risk Of Injury & Joint Pain:

What’s going on, guys? Toby here and I’m here today to help you relieve some stress… On your neck that is! I have 3 quick and easy exercises you can be doing right at home, at your desk, or maybe even in traffic to help reduce tension and pain in your neck that’s also affecting your shoulders.

So, here’s an easy routine you can do to release tension in your neck with the added benefit of releasing tension in your hiked shoulders.

Muscles Being Affected:
-Splenius Capitis/Cervicis
-Trapezius / Supraspinatus

Do 2-3 sets of 3-4 passes for each exercise

Use your thumb to find each muscle (follow the video) and apply pressure and look for discomfort/tension.

Glide your thumb through the length of the muscle. You may create movement with your head for a more effective release.

Remember to switch hands and repeat on the other side!

#1 – 1:03 – Splenius Capitis & Splenius Cervicis Massage

#2 – 1:29 – Suboccipital Muscle Group Massage

#3 – 2: 03 – Trapezius & Supraspinatus Massage

There you have it, guys. Remember – you can always do these on your one a few times a week to keep things in check and lower your risk of needing further professional help and spending all that money in the process.

Which exercise did you feel was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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