Published on Apr 23, 2018

Science-Based Six Pack Green Detox

Hey guys – Toby here today I want to give you 3 quick tips to help ease into the fat-burning benefits intermittent fasting.

And, for those of you who don’t already know what intermittent fasting is – it’s when you go an extended period of time throughout your day not eating, while strategically setting a period of the day to eat that has been researched and proven to accelerate fat-burning and weight loss.

No – this isn’t’ starving yourself, because during your eating window you can even go as late as midnight eating healthy, whole foods – but I’ll let you check out a video on that from my buddy Thomas that’s in the description below – just go to to see it!

Ok, so you’re probably thinking – how the heck am I gonna go all day without eating?

That’s where these 3 tips come in, so let’s get right to them:

#1 – 0:53 – Drink Black Coffee

So the first thing I want you to do when you are in your fasted state is to start drinking black coffee.

Many people think that consuming coffee isn’t allowed to drink when you’re fasting.

The thing is, it depends on what kind of coffee.

I posted a video already on coffee creamers & additives to coffee that can be detrimental to your test production and health, but when you’re fasting, you can avoid all of that together because you’ll be drinking black coffee.

You see, black coffee when combined with fasting is also great for detoxing your body and helping to rid it of toxins.


#2 – 1:38 – Get A Good Night’s Sleep

You see, if you did not sleep well, it would be best to skip fasting the following day and wait for a day when you’ve gotten better rest. Why?

Because when we are sleep deprived, our cortisol levels become elevated.

For those of you who don’t know, cortisol is a hormone that increases the body’s blood sugar in response to stress or low blood sugar.

This is a survival process to create more energy, so we don’t necessarily want that when we’re fasting, as less sleep equals more hunger.


#3 – 2:22 – Add Pink Himalayan Salt To Your Water

You see, when you fasting, you’re not taking in essential minerals during the day – since water, black coffee, and green tea are what you can stick to during your non-eating times.

So, by diluting Pink Himalayan salt into your water for the day, this will help to still get you the essential minerals necessary for your body, without compromising your fast.

Just dilute ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water – it doesn’t have to be a lot, guys! Don’t go dumping tons of salt into your water.

I hope you found these tips helpful with getting on track with intermittent fasting. And, if you want to learn more, make sure to check out this free video we just posted online from my good friend and expert on fasting, Thomas DeLauer at

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Remember – you’re never too old, and it’s never too late. I’ll see you next time.

Science-Based Six Pack Green Detox

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