Published on Feb 26, 2018
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Hey guys it’s Thomas DeLauer. Today I want to talk to you about your traps.

Now people always think that you have to train them ridiculously heavy, but that’s a good way to mess yourself up because you’re actually putting a lot of stress on your shoulder girdle. Now you’ll see in my program, Science Based Six Pack that I talk a lot about Time Under Tension, which is a lot more effective.

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Now what I’m going to show you today is 3 unique way to train your traps…with a little bit less weight. Now the traps are a big muscle and usually, they can handle the weight, but it’s usually our shoulders and arms that end up having a little bit of an issue.

Let’s get started!

0:52 Modified Trapezius Shrug
Now I’m a relatively good sized dude, and most people would assume I’ll be holding 100s or 120s. But 50 is all I need here. But what I do focus on, is the positioning. So start with your palms forward, and then I focus on my shrugs. Another thing you don’t want to do – is roll. That’s a good way to start messing some stuff up.

I want you to focus on simply moving your shoulders up and down, with your palms facing forward. One end of the dumbbell should ride along the side of your leg. Do one set of 5, rotate to the front, and do 5 reps to the front.

2:37 Inclined Trapezius Shrug
Now here I’m doing the same thing – shrugs, but on an incline bench. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the traps come all the way down your back. So this kind of movement right here directly works the traps.

Now, remember – no rolling. Don’t bend your arms. You can turn the palms forward and back if you want.

4:00 One Arm Shoulder Shrugs
Now here I’m going really light, a 45 lb bar and 2 10 lb plates. That’s all you need. You could even just use the bar if you want.

Now, standing upright, do a single arm shrug. The nice thing about this, it also forces a nice symmetric contraction of your abs on the opposite side…so you’re getting a 2 for 1!

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I’ll see you next time!

– Thomas

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