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What’s going on, guys? If you haven’t been following us for the past week, this is the 5th and final Six Pack Shortcuts video… That’s right. We’re turning over a new leaf and we are

So, to have Six Pack Shortcuts come to a close in epic fashion, we’re going to have ourselves a competition – Seniority Health V.S. Six Pack Abs

For Team Seniority Health, we have YouTube’s #1 Nutritionist For Men Over 40 and Test Max Nutrition Star Clark Bertram, #1Most-Subscribed YouTube Trainer for Men Over 40 & Abs After 40 Star Mark Mcilyar, and #1 Most-Subscribed and one of the most ripped men over 60 Toby Buttle. Team Seniority Health has a combined experience of 168 years! That’s almost 2 centuries!

For Team Six Pack Abs, we have our very own #1 Most-Subscribed YouTube Trainer Jonny Catazano, Six Pack Abs Trainer Casey C., and Jonny’s Platinum Coaching Client Adam Madrigal. Team Six Pack Abs has a combined experience of just 83 years… That’s less than half of Team Seniority Health?! Will they have what it takes?

We’re big believers of competition being a power to motivate you here on the channel, so what better way to cap off the changes we’ve made this week?

Today, we’re going to be having a weighted push-up contest. Teams will perform as many push-ups with a 45lb weight on their back until failure, then switch teammates and go on and on until either team performs 300 reps… Yep, I said THREE HUNDRED!

CEO of and Seniority Health Dan Rose will be today’s referee to call out any improper reps. Each rep must come within 1 inch of the ground to count.

Both teams will not just be competing for bragging rights but for YOU viewers at home… Whichever team wins at the end will have a prize for their channel’s viewers – Team Seniority Health for men over 40 and Team Six Pack Abs for men under 40.

Now, the losing team from today’s challenge will have to endure one of our infamous “Workouts From Hell” as punishment.

Ok, guys – let’s get to the competition:

4:46 – Competition Begins


There you have it, guys! That’s a wrap for Six Pack Shortcuts and with an EPIC close finish to our final competition.

Team Six Pack Abs just barely came away with the win – only 3 reps ahead of Team Seniority Health!

You know what that means… Team Seniority Health will be going through a “Workout From Hell” right now.

And for you guy’s under 40 who are with Team Six Pack Abs, they won some prices FOR YOU – starting now, head to this video posted on and leave a comment via Facebook below. The first 50 people to comment will get a FREE T-shirt. You will be contacted by Casey for further instructions on how to claim your shirt.

On top of winning for Team Six Pack Abs, anyone who goes to starting now will be able to buy any supplement and get the second one for free! Use code “GETONEFREE” at checkout. Remember, this is only for 48-hours and you can only use it once, so make it count.

Thank you so much for everyone’s support and following with the old channel. Moving forward, Six Pack Abs will continue to bring you guys great content like this, on top of new, more scientific-based training and nutrition.

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