Published on Mar 14, 2018
Use The Most Effective Methods For Six Pack Abs

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Hey guys it’s Thomas! Today I’m getting out of the kitchen and into the gym.

So what I’m going to show you today is a 3 part medicine ball ab workout. Now you’re going to want to use one of these softer medicine balls like I have here, simply because they actually allow you to get more contraction from all of your muscles when you’re using it. If you’re using one of those hard medicine balls, you’ll find that it’s too easy to grip.

So I’m going to give you 3 movements that you’re going to want to do in some kind of sequential order…whether it is before your workout, or after your workout. It’s all simple stuff you can do at home.

0:47 Medicine Ball Plank Position

Now this first one, all you’re going to do is start in a plan with your forearms on the medicine ball. Then, roll the ball forward, and then back on your forearms.

You’re almost doing an ab crunch while you’re doing this exercise, and if you look at my feet, you’ll see that I’m rocking back and forth while pivoting up, and then coming back down. Do this for about 30 seconds.

1:37 Hollow Rock with drawn in knees

Start with a hollow rock, hold the medicine ball, but squeeze it hard. By engaging the pecs, you’re also engaging the abs by default.

Hold this for 10 seconds, and follow with extensions by extending the feet and legs, and pushing the ball forward for 10 reps. Go back to the hold 10 seconds.

3:30 Yoga Side Hold Position

Place one hand on the medicine ball, and one arm up. Hold. For an advanced variation, rotate down until the hand that is in the air is on the ground, and rotate back up.

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