Published on Jan 15, 2018
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Hey, guys – Mark here with Abs After 40 for Seniority Health. And, today I want to talk to you guys a little bit about Golf.

Don’t forget my #1 rule for golf – NEVER take a golf cart around the course. You can end up walking nearly 6 miles and burn 1,500 calories alone just by doing that.

Now, in today’s video, I want to go through my personal workout I like to do to stay in tip-top shape for the golf course and to play through a whole 18 holes.

Let’s get started:

1:11 – Exercise #1 – High Knee Touches
2:11 – Exercise #2 – Calf Raises
3:18 – Exercise #3 – Russian Twists
4:30 – Exercise #4 – Arm Squats
5:14 – Exercise #5 – Slaloms

There you have it, guys – my quick 6-minute golf workout.

Look, guys – being fit or trying to get in shape doesn’t have to be difficult just because we are getting older. In fact, I’m in the best shape of my life well into my 50’s.

And, I attribute this success to the #1 program for men over 40 for getting in shape, losing stubborn body fat, and living a healthier lifestyle – Abs After 40.

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