Published on Aug 3, 2017
Help Yourself Improve Weight Loss

What’s going on, It’s ya boy Jonny here to put you through one of my quick and easy morning high-intensity interval training circuit that is going to help get you those six pack abs you want.

This workout is actually designed to go hand-in-hand with Thomas’s morning drink recipe he went over earlier this week:

So, let me break it all down for you. Here are your workouts:

1:22 – Alternating Hip Circles for 30 seconds

1:47 – Spiderman Push-Ups for 30 Seconds

2:15 – Plank Front Raises for 30 seconds

2:36 – Mountain Climbers for 30 Seconds

Once you finish one exercise, it’s right into the next one, so don’t take your break yet. Rest for 15-30 seconds once the entire round of exercises is complete. And to complete the workout, you will do a total of 3 rounds.

Ok, so I’m going to go through 1 round with you guys. Click the time stamp below to get started working out with me:

3:17 – START – 3:17

There you have it, fellas. Now, remember that it’s a total of 3 ROUNDS to complete this workout. Don’t forget!

And, before you get going on this workout in the morning, make this drink here:

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