Published on Oct 3, 2017
Train For The Body Any Man Over 40 Deserves

I’m gonna show you how to do this to your love handles…Let’s blow that fat away!

Alright, fellas. Mark McIlyar here today with Seniority Health to show you my fast & effective bodyweight circuit for eliminating that stubborn belly fat and love handles.

Now, this isn’t as easy as what I did with that shotgun to that target earlier, but this is a workout circuit you can do in just 8 minutes with zero equipment.

I’m out shooting guns today, so I don’t have a gym handy or anything, so I’m gonna show you how to do this outdoors.

0:49 – Let’s break things down – 0:49

Exercise #1: Running/jogging in place for 10 seconds
Get your heart rate up and your body loose to workout

Exercise #2: Plank Hold for 10 seconds
Switching to a static hold versus dynamic moving exercise

Exercise #3: Alternating High Knees for 20 seconds
Back to a dynamic moving exercise

Exercise #4: Alternating Plank Oblique Crunches for 20 seconds
Static hold mixed with alternating dynamic movement

Exercise #5: Jumping Jacks for 20 seconds
Cardio aspect – just a short interval burst

Exercise #6: Standing Squats – to – Alternating Step Back Lunges for 20 seconds
Compound lower body exercise combining two different movements to have well rounded stability and muscle development through training one leg, the other, then both.

REST – 45-60 seconds

Now, that’s just 1 round. In order to complete the full workout, you’ll be doing a total of 3 rounds.

You ready to get started? Let’s go!

2:05 – BEGIN WORKOUT – 2:05

I just did 1 round and I’m getting kinda winded, guys. Remember – 3 rounds of these exercises is what you need to do, otherwise you didn’t complete my shotgun love handle destroyer workout.

If you can’t make it through all 3 rounds? Extend the rest time to 1½ minutes. To easy? Increase the exercise time intervals to 20 and 30 seconds or lower the rest time to 20-30 seconds.

I wanna hear how you did on this workout, guys. So, make sure to go to the link below to this video on Seniority Health and leave your comments there via Facebook.

Now, don’t just stand there – you got 2 more rounds to go – so what’re you waiting for? Get going! And I’ll see you next time.

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