Published on May 28, 2018

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Hey,! Thomas here today with one of my favorite low-intensity cardio circuit workouts that’s totally different from the typical stuff we talk about.

Now, if you’re new to the channel and don’t know me already, I’m the lead trainer here and creator of the #1 intermittent fasting program – Science Based Six Pack. You can check out how I personally used intermittent fasting to get into the best shape of my life and how I broke all the myths about fat loss in the video I just posted at .com.

So, typically when we talk about workouts on the channel we’re either looking at more high-intensity training or utilizing time-under-tension, but today, I want to talk about when it’s appropriate to switch things up and incorporate a lower-intensity training routine in the mix.

0:45 – Low-intensity workouts don’t activate enough muscle groups.
These repetitive movements like running end up leading to injuries and a lack of full-body muscle activation.

In today’s workout, you’ll have to force yourself to slow things down, taking typically higher-intensity movements and being mindful to slow them down. Let’s get right to it:

Exercise #1 – 1:45 – Jump Rope – 200 Jumps
Remember to land down to your heels, meaning being on your toes as you go up, but as you return contacting your heels to the floor for a split second before going back up to your toes.

Rest/Transition into the next exercise in 30 seconds, letting your heart rate settle.

Exercise #2 – 3:02 – Burpees – 3 Second Rest Between Each Burpee – 10 reps.
Doing this exercise with this variation will actually net higher calorie burn than flopping around like a maniac doing them quickly. Also, slowing things down helps you focus on the form of the exercise, helping to avoid injury.

Rest/Transition into the next exercise in 30 seconds, letting your heart rate settle.

Exercise #3 – 5:12 – Medicine Ball Buttkickers – 1 Minute Per Side.
Take a light-weighted medicine ball and place on top of your shoulder. While standing in place, you’ll begin to move like your running in place, focusing on kicking your feet up more to your butt as you run. When you complete a minute, switch the medicine ball to the other side and repeat.

Rest/Transition into the next exercise in 30 seconds, letting your heart rate settle.

Exercise #4 – 7:10 – Plank Elbow-To-Knees – 2-Rep Alternating Pattern –
10 sets per side.
Get into a plank position. For those who are beginners or that haven’t done many plank variations, you can also do these on your knees versus being fully extended. Start by bringing your knee up to your side on the right, doing 2 reps, the alternate and do the same on the other.

That’s the whole circuit! Now, I challenge you to go through the whole circuit 2-3 more times, up to about a 30-minute workout.

This workout is great so you can make it all the way through, getting the lymphatic system working, and is a great alternative to the treadmill or stationary bike.

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