Published on Dec 29, 2017
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Since the release of the Science Based Six Pack program, we’ve been seeing tons of you adapting fasting as a lifestyle and am blown away by all of you approaching me about their progress and changes.

It’s great now that instead of spending time debunking myths on fasting and breaking down the science behind it all that I can now focus more on the positive and outcomes of intermittent fasting.

There was one note in particular that hit home with me:

“Hi Thomas, At first I was really skeptical about fasting. I had seen things on the internet, but none of it really made sense until I started watching your videos. I reluctantly pulled the trigger on your science based program, and honestly, cannot even imagine that I ever lived another way. I’m only 27 days into the program and I have already lost 16 lbs. Nothing alarmingly large, but enough weight to be able to prove to me that fasting is really amazing. I never in a million years thought that I would purchase a program from the internet, but I must say, you sir, have a way of explaining things that just makes sense. I’m not stopping until I can fit into my old 32 jeans!” – Jake J. (Oct. 31,2017).

That’s awesome! And that’s just 27 days into the program… But, that’s not the only reason why I’m here today…

So, I’ve decided with the Science Based Six Pack Program that I’m going to launch a challenge…

This challenge has a true reward – where others are going to be able to vote on who the winner is.

Starting Wednesday, Jan. 3rd, if you sign up for my Science Based Six Pack Program, you get to join the 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

Here’s what you can win:

1st Place – $1,000 and a trip to California to train with me or a trip to Texas to train with me.
2nd Place – $750
3rd Place – $500

Now, we want to make this fair, so as I mentioned, we’re going to be having an open, public voting system.

To enter now, head to

Stay tuned in this week, because over the next 5 days I’ll be breaking down the basics – I mean cut and dry, as simple as it can get – basics of intermittent fasting so everyone can understand what’s going on.

I know embarking on a public challenge like this can be intimidating, but the thing is, there is going to be so many people doing it and sharing their stories and transformations that I hope to create a safe, comfortable community for you to join.

As a bonus, anyone who participates in the challenge whatsoever – winner or not – will receive a supplement of their choice from

Starting today, December 29th, you can enter the challenge up until Wednesday, January 3rd. Come February 3rd, we’ll announce the winner of the 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

4:08 – My 30-Day Transformation Challenge Tip: Between the “Base Track” and “Fast Track” plans on Science Based Six Pack, I highly recommend starting right with the “Fast Track” plan to accelerate through the 30 days

Again, you have a chance to win:

1st Place – $1,000 and a trip to California to train with me or a trip to Texas to train with me.
2nd Place – $750
3rd Place – $500

And everyone who enters will receive a supplement of their choice from To enter, just head to now.

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