Published on Dec 23, 2018

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Hey guys, it’s Thomas and today I have some seriously exciting news…

Everyone’s been asking me about it… and telling me I needed to just do it… So I did it.

I just wrapped the research and development of what I believe is going to be the most transformative keto diet course of all time.

I call it KETOX…

It’s the first ever 3-phase “carb detox” diet course that is designed to deplete your body of toxic stored carbs… train your body to become fat-adapted… and then provide you with the perfect roadmap for incorporating carbs back into your diet the right way… so that you never have to worry about the weight regain risk that typically follows most restrictive keto plans.

And in celebration of finally completing the development of my keto course, this week is going to be KETO TAKE OVER WEEK here at

Each day this week I am going to be releasing a new video that covers some of the most controversial topics, myths, and tips in the keto world.

You’ll get a scientific breakdown of what makes the keto diet superior to the Paleo & Atkins Diet…

You’ll learn my exact method for achieving ketosis and what makes being fat-adapted the holy grail for achieving your ultimate body and health…

I’ll be sharing my all time favorite keto chocolate cake recipe, along with my best and worst keto workouts PLUS… I’ll be taking you guys to the dark side and showing you the research which points to the 5 biggest downfalls of the keto diet…

Now here’s the best part about KETO TAKEOVER WEEK…

Starting today, I am opening my website for early enrollment into my ketox diet course.

When you enroll early, you’re enrolling for a chance to win my entire KETOX diet course completely FREE!

At the end of the week, I will be doing a random drawing from all of my early enrollees to select 100 lucky viewers who will be getting my complete ketox diet program without spending a single dime.

And that’s not all… When you opt-in, I’m also going to be giving you a little taste of the glorious keto-friendly recipes that are included in my full-length ketox diet course… For those who opt-in, you’ll be getting instant access to my KETO PIZZA COOKBOOK.

In this cookbook, you’ll be getting over 10 different keto-adapted pizza recipes so that you can make pizza, night every night… and these aren’t just any run of the mill pizza recipes, guys… I’ve included some of my very best… Like my BBQ pulled pork keto pizza, my triple cheese za… and the fan favorite, bacon weave pizza.

All you have to do is just click the link in the description to join my early enrollment list for your chance to win the KETOX course for free and your free copy of my pizza lover’s cookbook.

So what made me finally decide to develop a full-length keto course

Well, to be frank, I was fed up with keto getting a bad rep on the internet…

With all these so-called experts out here, telling people to follow these highly restrictive zero carb keto plans, its no wonder why many people find keto to be so hard to stick to…

But it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why I knew I needed to develop a better way.

A way that would provide simple steps toward experiencing the amazing benefits of ketosis while also showing you how to incorporate carbs back into your life without compromising your fat loss results.

Because getting into keto is pretty black and white – For most, you’ve got to stick within 20-50 grams of carbs a day to achieve ketosis… but what happens after you’re over living the zero-carb lifestyle?

What happens when your metabolism begins to exhaust itself after being low carb for so long?

Well, many who’ve tried the low carb lifestyle will tell you that it’s very difficult to regulate your carb intake properly after getting out of keto…

Which is exactly why my KETOX course shows you precisely how to achieve the maximum benefits of being fat-adapted while also enjoying carbs too!

I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it… But for now, be sure to stay tuned in tomorrow because right here on this channel, I am going to be posting a video for you guys covering the science behind why the keto diet is superior to the other popular and trending diets out there – such as the paleo diet and the Atkins diet.

So tune in tomorrow… I’ll see you there!

FREE Keto Pizza Cookbook |ACV+ DAY and NIGHT | Science-Based Six Pack Green Detox

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