Published on May 21, 2018

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Are you Fat Adapted? How Long to Get Adapted to Keto and High Fat

Being in a ketogenic state means that you are breaking down fatty acids at a fairly decent rate, and they are being converted into acetoacetate, acetone, and bhb

Fat adapted means you are using fat as your primary fuel source – Fat adaption describes the ability to burn both fat directly via beta-oxidation and glucose via glycolysis, while ketosis describes the use of fat-derived ketone bodies by tissues that normally use glucose

How Long

Study 1 – Clinics in Endocrinology & Metabolism

Fasting is the most potent stimulus for ketone production since the consumption of anything that could be converted into glucose is zero

In one study that looked at fasting’s effects on ketone levels, the blood levels of each of the three ketones continued to rise for at least 3 weeks.

This process might take even longer on a low carb diet, which inevitably provides some carbs and protein

Study 2 – The Journal of Clinical Investigation

Men with obesity were given a calorie-restricted ketogenic diet. As you can see from the figure, ketones in the urine continued to rise for 10 days through the end of the experiment, and by then had achieved levels only equal to those on day 4 of starvation

Study 3 – Metabolism: Clinical & Experimental

Women with obesity were given a calorie-restricted ketogenic diet compared to a non-ketogenic diet, both with the same protein. For 3 weeks, the break-down of lean tissue like muscle (i.e, nitrogen balance, see bottom panel) was greater on the ketogenic diet compared to the non-ketogenic diet, but this difference was completely abolished by week 4.

Study 4 – American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

17 men with high body weight were first given a standard diet, followed by a ketogenic diet

for the first 2 weeks on the ketogenic diet (left arrow), the rate of fat loss decreased. But after 2 weeks (right arrow), there was a clear acceleration in fat loss on the ketogenic diet.

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Science-Based Six Pack Green Detox

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