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Are You Fat Adapted? How Long To Get Adapted To Keto and High Fat

...Being in a ketogenic state means that you are breaking down fatty acids at a fairly decent rate, and they are being converted into acetoacetate, acetone, and bhb...

She WON The Intermittent Fasting Transformation Fat Loss Challenge! This Workout Helped!

Tammy did amazing in the one-month of following the Science Based Six Pack intermittent fasting system I created, losing a bunch of weight and feeling a whole lot better in the process. She is the winner of the challenge, so I flew her out here to California to spend some time with me... And, to get a good workout in, of course!

Green Detox Is Available NOW!

...I’ve shown you practical ways that you can start getting all these superfoods in your diet. But I’ve tried doing this firsthand, and I know it’s not easy. Especially with the superfoods like broccoli leaf and chlorella that don’t taste very good, it can really be a challenge. And that’s why I created Science-Based Green Detox. It’s the world’s first green drink that contains all of the superfoods on the table behind me in just one glass a day!

Top 3 Foods to Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Stomach Issues

...BS is a cluster of symptoms, including cramping, diarrhea, constipation, bloating and gas. The exact cause of IBS is not understood, leading to difficulties in treatment. ...

The Top 3 Superfoods People Throw Away

...Typically when it comes to broccoli - we think of the florets or the “head” portion… And when we think spinach, we think of leaves and when we think kale most of us think of the roughage - for the most part, we tend to throw away the stems and stalks. But little do most of us realize… that these are actually the most important, nutrient dense portions of these greens!

The Top 5 Berries For Detoxing & Fighting Belly Fat

...How many have you heard that eating fruit on a weight loss plan is a bad idea? Well, this so-called rule stems from the fact that fruits contain sugar. You see, while it’s true that fruits do contain sugar - it’s actually a completely natural source... Where as fake sugars, like those found in processed, packaged snack foods, cereals, and candy are actually man-made...

Can Intermittent Fasting Slow Down Your Metabolism (w/ Dr. Cabral)

...Can your metabolism slow down? Specifically, can your metabolism slow down while intermittent fasting?...

Are Algae & Seaweed The Ultimate Superfoods For Detoxing To Burn Fat?

...When most people think about eating their vegetables, we tend to think about the stuff that grows on land - like broccoli or spinach… But as it turns out, some of the most powerful superfoods known to science are ones that are actually grown in water...

ANNOUNCEMENT! Superfood Takeover Week With Thomas DeLauer

...I’m doing a special event on YouTube and Facebook this week called SuperFoods week. Each day, I’m going to bring you a new video showing you the health benefits of certain nutritional powerhouse foods that you probably didn’t know about...

The Key Superfood Fruits For Burning Fat & Getting Six Pack Abs

...Thomas here, and today I'm breaking down the best and worst fruits for burning off that stubborn belly fat and achieving the six pack abs you deserve. I want to first start off with a bit of the science behind this all, then we'll get to the fruits you'll need to steer clear of versus the ones you should be eating. ...

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