For Best Results…. Leave Your Ego At The Door


Time To Start Seeing All Six Of Your Abs

I see it every day. I look to my left and guy is using his entire body to swing 50 lb Dumbbells up and down. He calls them ‘curls.’ I don’t know WTF to call them- but certainly not curls. I then look over to my right to see a guy with 315 lbs on the bar, performing what looks like to me a full-body dry-heave. He calls them squats.

I’m not here to pick on anyone or put anyone down. I want to point out a few things, and hopefully, she’d some light on why it’s better to train smarter than with your ego.

Train To Sculpt And Define Your Six Pack Abs Now

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Jonny Catanzano
Previously a D1 Football player, currently an NPC classic physique competitor. In love with all things related to fitness. I am a NASM certified personal trainer, and want to help you reach your fullest potential... Not only in your health and fitness, but in life. Reach out to me anytime.