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The Most Important Part of Your Workout

The Absolute Most Important Yet Often Overlooked Part of Your Workout


You might think that lifting heavy weights, doing a certain number of reps, or perfecting your form is the most important part for you when it comes to progressing towards your fitness goals.


One simple, but often neglected and underestimated way to improve performance, and maximize the benefits of a workout is by staying hydrated. Basically, drinking more water.


Drink more water… ok... got it.




Well...It's a lot easier said than done.


A recent survey found that approximately 75% of Americans are not drinking enough water. This comes as no surprise given that over half of people in the US do not care for the taste of water. A report shows that 60% of people dislike the flavor of water and instead turn to sports drinks to quench their thirst. The problem with these sports drinks is they have high amounts of sugar, toxic additives, and take us further from our own fitness goals. The marketing around these drinks doesn’t do them any justice either as they are often paraded around as a fitness drink that will actually help you with your fitness goals. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Not to mention how rough it can be on the stomach and nobody likes “the bloat”.


It goes further than just simply being thirsty and wanting a flavorful drink. It's well known that being even a little dehydrated can have harsh, negative consequences on your body and mind. Dehydration can hinder physical performance, mpaire cognitive abilities, and has a massive effect on your emotions. It can bring down your mood & make you irritable. Think about when someone hasn’t had their morning coffee yet.


You see, the Human body is primarily water, about 60% to be more exact and it's used for just about everything. The body uses water for several processes, including the exchange in gases that happens with every breath, down to the digestion of food, down to chemical reactions involved in regulating body temperature, controlling nerve impulses, rebuilding damaged tissues. Water also aids in regulating muscle function. maintaining a healthy ph balance, keeping joints lubricated, and oh so much more. This is why humans are able to survive weeks without food, but without water, humans are only able to survive 2-3 days depending on the environment.


Another important part of hydration is when you sweat. Sweating is one of the primary ways in which water is lost in the body. When you sweat it's not only water that’s being lost, it’s all the precious minerals and electrolytes. These key nutrients are essential for various bodily functions like the ones mentioned above. When you stay hydrated & maintain proper electrolyte balance, you ensure that your body is working properly and that you’re performing to the best of your abilities.


Now the market is saturated with tons of drink options. Sports drinks, Hydration drinks, protein shakes, you name it. There are even tons of choices when it comes down to even water itself. These convenience drinks are easy to grab and go without much thought but when it comes to hydration the best choice is always water, bonus points if that water has electrolytes in them.


If you are looking to maximize your performance in your workouts, start with what you are putting in your body so you can make sure that your body and mind can perform to their fullest potential. If you can’t get over the plain dull taste of water try something like our Science-Based Intra Workout Electrolytes ( You get the same hydration as you would from plain water but you also get the extra boost of vital electrolytes and minerals that your body needs while also staying hydrated.. Did I mention that it tastes amazing?

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  • I can’t believe how much water I’m supposed to drink on a daily basis.


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