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10 Benefits of Running you might not know…

If you’re a runner you already know the impact running has made in your life. But you may not know how much it improves every aspect, here are 10 benefits you might have not been aware of.
If you’re not a runner you might want to consider giving it a try after reading about these amazing benefits:
Running can add years to your life! Yep that’s right. Several studies have shown, that running can actually decrease mortality by as much as 30%. It could be due to the cardiovascular fitness, less body fat, and lower cholesterol levels. Its not only about living longer, but also the increasing quality of life during that time as well.
Another benefit is that running actually helps you sleep better. Exercise actually improves the ease of falling-asleep and quality of sleep. Sleep is crucial to the body, during sleep the body repairs itself among many other key processes.
Even though running is at time considered high impact, it is actually not damaging to the joints. Contrary to popular belief, running helps maintain mobility in joints. Studies have also shown that rates of arthritis are significantly lower amongs runners.
Running helps you lose weight and keep it off for good! Because running involves moving your whole body, it burns more calories.
Long term successful weight-loss includes consistent, long-term exercise regimens such as running. Fast or slow, some running is better than none.
An amazing benefit of running is that it can actually boost your immune system. Running improves the body’s surveillance against diseases. It lowers inflammation, improves gut health, reduces the risk of influenza, and improve antibody response.
The newest and perharps most unexpected benefits of running is that it improves brain health. When you run a protein is released that encourages the growth and survival of neurons in the brain. Exercise improves total brain volume, including gray matter.
New research has shown that running lowers risk for developing 26 different kinds of cancers. Running also improves mental health & can decrease depression. Running can also lower the risk of developing diabetes. It improves blood glucose regulation while lowering blood pressure levels.
The research keeps piling up and proving time and time again that running is extremely benefitial to humans in so many different ways.
It doesn’t matter how far or how fast- As long as you’re moving you will be able to reap all of the amazing benefits!
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