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Abs after 40 Fact or Fiction?

How often do you find yourself wishing you had the body you had 20 something years ago? What if instead of just living off the memory of the body you once had and how you wish you would’ve done X,Y or Z while you had it you just make it happen?

What is spotting you from achieving that dream body and making it a reality? The idea that it's “too late”? Is that because of what you’ve been told and fed for years and years, that once you get to a certain age you’ve somehow hit the point of no return and your body just is what it is?

There is no such thing! The only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is yourself and all the excuses you make for yourself. Yes, now at 40+ you can get the body you once had or maybe even always wish you’ve always had? 

If you commit and put in some hard wor, along with a dash of patience ( which less be honest you probably lacked some 15 years ago) you can not only be happy with what you see in the reflection, but also improve your physical and mental health.

Its been proven that staying active as we get older plays a crucial role in the way in which we age, we can’t stop it but we can certainly slow down the aging process. Keeping a sharp active mind, and maintaining muscle tone and joint movement will make aging a little easier and a lot more enjoyable.

 A healthy, balanced diet is a very important and key player in getting into great shape, specially when your metabolism and hormones have changed with age, you gotta adapt and find what works for your body now. What works for a 20 might not be the exact same for someone older. By finding what works for you now and your body you will be able to achieve the same great results. 

Same can be said for the physical activity part of things. Its important to be aware of your body, know what its limits are and how far to push yourself before you possibly injure yourself. All while ensuring that it is something you legitimately enjoy so it can be something easily incorporated into your lifestyle and make it that much easier to stick to.

It all comes down to creating a plan and dedicating yourself to making it a reality. Abs after 40 are definitely possible, you just gotta try!


If you're ready to get the body of your dreams, click the image below!

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