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Benefits of Detoxing

By now you're probably very familiar with the word detoxing, especially if you have an active lifestyle or are into fitness in any way. Detoxing more often than not is referred or associated with weight loss, as a method and while yes detoxing the body might help reach or kick start weight loss goals by promoting fat loss and flushing out of toxins. There are actually so many other benefits of integrating detoxing into your health & fitness routine.

Like mentioned above detoxing is used as a tool in weight loss, helping the body and its natural system get rid of all the toxins or junk it doesn't need. Detoxing can also serve as a new starting point for healthier habits, which allows for long term sustainable weight loss. In addition to weight loss, detoxing is also resetting your digestive system, clearing out bad bacteria in the gut replacing it with beneficial bacteria along with nutrients and minerals ensuring everything keeps moving along smoothly, reducing bloating, discomfort and helping in better digestion and absorption of nutrients contributing to your overall health and a huge boost to your immune system.

An added bonus of clearing out your system of toxins is the replenishment of nutrients, as you are flushing out toxins you can ensure your body is loaded with good stuff. Plenty of vitamins and minerals. As well as antioxidants which are key when it comes to fighting off inflammation.

Inflammation in the body is caused by free radicals which contribute to the development of chronic disease and aging. Detoxing your body may help clear up your skin, and make your hair shinier and stronger thanks to the body being able to better digest nutrients.

Ever felt exhausted, sluggish. Just ugh.

Classic signs of overload are excessive fatigue, bloating and gas, poor sleep, hormone imbalances, and mood swings. You will feel so much better and more energetic once your body isn't overloaded trying to flush the toxins out of your body and actually doing what they need to do.

The massive boost of hydration your body will receive will help you feel a million times better as well as help you clear your mind and look your best. Being hydrated has been proven to improve physical performance and cognitive abilities.

Feeling better will motivate you to get moving more! Increasing your physical activity can double up the effects of detoxing since it promotes movement in your body and flushing of toxins through sweating.

The benefits of detoxing and health/fitness are interconnected. They all seem to thrive off each other and amplify each other benefits. Detoxing is a no brainer, specially when you no longer have to drink water, lemon and cayenne pepper concoctions. Thankfully now a days detoxing can mean a variety of things like fasting or abstaining, to taking a supplement in the form of a pill. Even enjoying a delicious, flavor packed shake such as the one below.

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Detox with Delicious Apple Pie
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