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Fitness As We Age

 Can we reverse or support the body through aging, while maintaining fitness? 

As we get older your body starts to respond differently to weight loss efforts. A recent study showed that on average as we age we gain 1-2 pounds per year, and while that doesn’t seem like a lot it can definitely add up over the years and result is obesity which puts your health at risk.

One of the reasons age impacts weight loss is because as a part of the aging process lean muscle mass is lost. And how exactly does that impact weight loss? The easy answer is muscle burns more calories than fat, meaning you will technically need less and less calories- unless you’re weight training on a regular basis. If you don’t adjust calories which most people don’t which in turn results in weight gain.

Another factor is hormones, both men and women experience a shift in their hormones; and one of the effects of decreased decline is that it can make the body less effective at burning calories ( slow your metabolism) increased fat storage in the belly area which leads to heart disease and other illness. It all adds up like a snowball effect resulting in major weight gain and even worse serious health complications.

The best way to combat aging and the extra bulk it brings is as always to prioritize your health by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. You want to prioritize protein & and Whole Foods that are not only filling but rich in nutrients like fiber.

 Adding multivitamins and dietary supplements to your diet can be a great way to ensure that you are getting adequate nutrition. As always hydration is KEY. In every single stage of life staying hydrated is vital to the human body and all of the processes it undergoes. 

Staying active is the best way to support your body. Getting your blood flowing and muscles moving whether its from a walk or strength training will help you maintain lean muscle mass and burn calories, helping you fight weight gain, but the benefits of working out don't stop there. Being physically active will give you better balance, mobility and more stamina, 3 things which also tend to decrease with age.

While you can’t stop aging you can impact the rate at which it affects your body. Healthy choices will lead to a slow down in some of these processes, better your quality of life.

 You don't have a choice in aging, but you can slow its effects and support your body through its changes while looking and feeling your best.

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