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Summer Fitness Tips

Summer is here! Temperatures are rising, its time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Although summer is a time of relaxing and indulging, it’s important to stay consistent in your fitness journey to ensure you look your best and most importantly feel your best!

Summertime is usually busier and on-the-go, with vacations and get-togethers so being prepared to maintain your fitness program can be difficult at times but being prepared is the best way to stay consistent.

Tip # 1. Be prepared! Sometimes it is tempting to “grab and go” foods that are not the best choices, especially when traveling or trying to fit in summer fun. However, most ready to go food choices are calorie packed and nutrient deprived. Instead, be prepared with fresh foods to have on hand or prepacked. This will save you when faced with the urge to make a bad choice when in a pinch and will also help with any cravings you might have!

#2 . Whether  you’re poolside, out by the beach catching some sun, or enjoying a quick run it's important to stay active during the summer months! Staying active will be key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle-And if you haven’t started this is the perfect time to begin!

Take advantage of longer days. Try beginning your workouts earlier in the morning, or even doing them a little later at night. With daylight longer, your mind will be more receptive to working out both earlier and later than you may be used to. 

Incorporate fitness and exercise into summer activities. Hiking, running, taking a bike ride, swimming laps around the pool- The best part is you can invite friends or loved ones to participate making it easier to do and have lots of fun while doing it! This goes into tip #3

  1. Engage the family/friends or loved ones. Part of the beauty of summer is family bonding, and finding fun ways to incorporate fitness can also be a good example of the value of staying active to your loved ones. When you stay fit together it will be a huge motivator and as a bonus, you will make memories with the ones that mean the most to you. Not only will this make it easier to stay active and motivated but it will also greatly help your mental health. Which is a vital piece of overall wellness.

#4. Try something new. This is a great tip for any time of year, but especially when the weather is warm.  Take advantage of the renewal of a season to actually renew your dedication to staying fit. Consider joining a hiking, swimming, Pilates or Yoga class. Lack of motivation can stem from boredom, and lack of stimulation. Once we step outside our comfort zone we have the ability to feel, see, and recognize opportunities.

#5. Stay hydrated! We can’t ever stress this enough. The benefits of being hydrated and drinking enough water. The summer sun makes it impossible to stay indoors for long and as amazing and enjoyable as being outside is, the heat and activity can make you lose water faster than normal! Ensure you’re drinking at least 64 OZ of water a day, and  use plenty of sunscreen or sun protection. To avoid overheating or heatstroke.

The takeaway is, summer is a season to be enjoyed with family & friends and your fitness journey can fit perfectly amongst all the fun. Taking care of yourself, your health, and wellbeing will be the best investment you will make.

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