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The Importance of Meditation


Meditation is a simple practice. It focuses on helping reduce stress, anxiety,  and becoming more mindful or aware of our mental and physical health. Adding meditation and mindfulness to your health & fitness routine will have a massive impact in your life.


Both exercise and meditation have been accredited as great ways to reduce anxiety and depression, their impacts combined make them the best combination there is,


So how exactly do you do it? Do you have to be religious to meditate?

All very common questions that come up when mindfulness & meditation are mentioned. Well the answer and honestly one of the best aspects of this practice is that it can be anything you want.

It's a fluid practicum meaning it can be anything from a 60 minute structured yoga session to simply placing a hand over your heart and taking a couple deep conscious breaths for 15 minutes, maybe a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood, as long as you are focusing inward and being mindful of your thoughts and breathing, you can meditate in any position you desire, be it sitting, standing or lying down. Sessions can be as long as you need them, be it 30 seconds or an hour.


But back to the benefits, many studies suggest that practicing mindfulness & meditation alone, can have many effects on many aspects of our psychological well-being.

improving your mood, increasing positive emotions, and decreasing your  anxiety, emotional reactivity, and job burnout. It also has physical effects impacting our hearts, brains, & immune system.


Not only that but some studies suggest that mindfulness meditation can actually impact your physical performance, but also help you get that much needed good night's sleep.


Adequate sleep will have you feeling great & refreshed, boosting your cognitive abilities and impacting your creativity.


Going even further than that, getting at least 20 minutes of daily meditation will provide your immune system with added support so that you don't get sick that often but even when you do it may even lessen the symptoms and aid in faster recovery.


Combined exercise and meditation provides astronomical full body benefits, from mental and physical health benefits. Even though meditation sounds like a simple practice, it can be difficult at times to keep a clear mind, especially if you are new to mindfulness practices.


The best way to reap the most benefit from this combined approach is to make it a lifestyle. The fact that it is such a flexible practice allows for you to put in place and add it, into any routine- anywhere and anytime.


Take the extra time for yourself! We suggest a delicious serving of Green Detox, Blueberry bust to kick off your mindfulness & meditation practice, detox your body while you detox your mind!


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