Published on Oct 18, 2018

ACV+ DAY and NIGHTScience-Based Six Pack | Green Detox

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What’s going on, Thomas DeLauer here – lead trainer and nutritionist on the channel and creator of Science-Based Six Pack – the world’s leading fasting protocol.

Today, I’m going to be focusing on another Time-Under-Tension workout – this time focusing on building up your triceps with dip variations.

Now, here’s the thing… It’s hard to safely train to failure on tricep movements, so today I’m gonna show you how to trick your mind into having your body act as its own spotter. Let’s get to it:

Exercise #1 – 0:39 – Bench Dips – To Failure.
Grab two benches that are set to the same height. Lay your feet on the top of the bench across, then position your hands to your sides with palms facing away from you at the edge of the bench behind you. Make sure to sink your hips back and focus on the squeeze and contraction.
1:19 – Weighted Bench Dips Variation

Exercise #2 – 2:40 – Plyometric Dips – To Failure
Start by only using one bench positioned behind you. Position your hands closer together behind your back versus to your side like in standard bench dips. This is an explosive version of bench dips where your body will travel up and off the bench slightly, so make sure to you are ready to catch yourself back on the bench.

Exercise #3 – 3:18 – Jackknives – To Failure
Sit flat on the floor with your legs slightly bent and hands positioned behind you already in a dip position with palms flat on the floor. Start by crossing your left arm over to your right leg as you extend the right leg. Return to the start position, then perform a dip, then alternate to the right arm crossing over to the left leg as it extends up.

Exercise #4 – 4:53 – “Korean” Dips – To Failure
Position a barbell at a lower setting just above your knees on a rack setup. Create a 45-degree angle with your body by grabbing the bar with your arms to your side and palms facing backward outside a shoulder’s width apart then place your feet out to where your body creates the 45-degree angle to the floor. Begin by allowing your hips to travel down while performing a dip motion. As you return to the top, make sure to extend your hips up all the way to the start position to accentuate the contraction of the triceps.

There you have it, guys, 4 tricep dip exercise variations that you can start trying today in your arm workout. This goes to show that going to failure doesn’t necessarily mean letting a weight fall and potentially hurting yourself along with it. When you utilize time-under-tension, you are able to get an even better muscle-mind connection, emphasize your muscles stretching and contracting, along with build a great physique using a whole lot less, safe weight.

I go over how to utilize time-under-tension along with the most effective fasting protocol in the other video I just posted at  – go here to see it now.

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ACV+ DAY and NIGHT | Science-Based Six Pack | Green Detox

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