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ANNOUNCEMENT: We Are Now SixPackAbs.com 40+ !

...If you couldn’t already tell by the title of this video - we’ve decided to switch our name from Seniority Heath to SixPackAbs.com 40+. You see, we’ve realized that a lot of the tips we have been giving you all - with workouts, exercises, and nutrition, are things we wish we knew about when we were younger guys ourselves, and our viewers are seeing that too...

300 Weight Push-Up Competition – The Final Six Pack Shortcuts Video

What’s going on, guys? If you haven’t been following us for the past week, this is the 5th and final Six Pack Shortcuts video… That’s right. We’re turning over a new leaf and we are SixPackAbs.com...

Six Pack Shortcuts is now SIXPACKABS.COM

What's going on, guys? It's your boy - Jonny here today with two VERY important people for some big changes going on here.First to my left is Dan Rose. For those of you who didn’t catch our last few videos, Dan is one of the co-founders of Six Pack Shortcuts and our company’s CEO. Furthest to my right is Thomas Delauer - nutrition and health science expert that has been featured on this channel...

When Should You Work Out?

When executing these workouts, make sure to to choose a weight setting you are confident in executing 10-12 repetitions with - no need to go heavy on this workout since we’ll be focusing on control and muscle contraction. Make sure to have your first set be a warm up...

3 Tips on Breaking Through A Plateau

Published on Dec 12, 2016 Learn To Get Six Pack Abs To Show Off: http://go.sixpackshortcuts.com/sixpaca4b Hey Guys, Jonny here today with Six Pack Abs. Today I wanted to answer one of many questions I get from my clients all over the world when it comes to losing body fat and [...]

Why I Don’t Use Creatine Anymore

Published on Dec 9, 2016 Get Started Training For Six Pack Abs: http://go.sixpackshortcuts.com/sixpaf40e What's going on, guys? It's Jonny here and today I'm going to break down why I don't use creatine as part of my supplement stack, but am still making solid muscle gains. There's a reason why [...]

Macronutrients VS. Micronutrients – Why You Need Both

Published on Dec 9, 2016 Getting Six Pack Abs Starts Here: http://go.sixpackshortcuts.com/sixpa6c3d What's up, guys? Jonny here and today I want to break down just how important food and eating the RIGHT stuff is when it comes to both losing your belly fat and building lean muscle. If your goal [...]


Published on Jan 2, 2017 Help Lose Your Belly Fat Now: http://go.sixpackshortcuts.com/sixpab2e9 Chicken or Fish - which one is best for losing weight, building muscle and, most importantly, getting you closer to your six pack abs. Today we'll go over the benefits of both, how to incorporate them into your [...]

Can You Get Abs Without Running?

Published on Jan 25, 2017 Begin Losing The Belly To Start Seeing Six Pack Abs: http://go2.sixpackabs.com/SH2vv Most guys will think that they have to run a ton to start losing weight and building up their six pack abs...But do you NEED running? How efficient is running when it comes to [...]

Should You Do Ab Workouts Every Day?

Published on Jan 17, 2016 Start Training For You Six Pack Abs Here: http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/SH2zX Will doing ab workouts every day get you the six pack abs? Or is that too much ab training for the week? Today, we're going to go over just how much is too much when it [...]

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