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5 Best Exercises for Shredded Obliques and a Tapered Waistline

I'm going to show you 5 moves to get great obliques and an awesome midsection. Not only will taking extra care of your obliques make you have a better-looking V-Taper, it will make your six pack look more impressive altogether.

How To Get A Bigger Upper Chest In 15 Minutes

We are here today to help you work on improving your upper chest because a lot of guys are lacking in that area. So today, we want to show you how to power through 3 sets of the best upper chest exercises and how we use them to our benefit.

12 Best Fat Loss Exercises That Are Better Than Burpees

Today I'm going to show you some alternative exercises to the Burpee. Burpees are great for fat loss, but some people just can't do them, or they get bored of them, so I wanted to give you some other options, and here they are:

Working Out With Injuries: How To Work Around It And Stay Ripped

Today we're going to show you how we get through a week of working out while injured. For myself, I have injured my ankle, but I still want to make sure to keep my legs in top shape, and Henry is dealing with an elbow injury - so the both of us have some working around to do.

Monster Biceps Workout — 8 Minute Workout For Biceps & Brachs

I want to show you a great workout to help you improve the quality of your arm muscle. And I say it that way, because having great arms doesn't just mean making them super massive... But also separation, definition, ridges and valleys and all that good stuff. So with the bicep, you have the 2 biceps muscle heads, the brachialis, and the brachioradialis.


I've got a buddy here that's gonna teach us how to do one of the toughest ab exercises out there... The human flag. This is my man Mike D. And he'll be showing us how it's done today. So one of the things you need to be able to do the human flag is of course, a lot of upper body and ab strength, but also a high strength to weight ratio...

Ab Workout Mistake — This Gives You BLOATED ABS!

Today I am going to show you the one mistake that most guys make when doing ab exercises. So please take the next few minutes to learn about this one thing you must avoid doing which can actually make your stomach bulge out further...

EPIC PULL-UP BATTLE: The Crossfit Pull-up Queen vs. Henry Tran

Today we have a challenge at Six Pack Shortcuts Headquarters between two of our trainers to see who can be dubbed the King or Queen of the official Six Pack Shortcuts Pull-Up Challenge. Before we tip-off, here are the rules for the challenge:

Top 3 Rookie Workout Mistakes — With Connor Murphy, Henry Tran & Jonny Catanzano

Today I got my boys Connor Murphy and Henry Tran in the building. We just got finished up with a killer workout, and while we were just talking, started thinking back to when this all started for us...Especially all the mistakes we made along the way. Today we wanted to break down 3 of our top rookie mistakes that you should completely avoid when starting to workout and get your six pack abs.

THE CROSSFIT PULL-UP QUEEN: 5 Tricks Beginners Can Use To Do More Pull-Ups — With Henry Tran

We are going to go over just how to build up to performing proper pull-ups. We’re going to go over 5 excellent tips and tricks to helping you guys at home work your way towards doing the correct bodyweight pull-up.

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