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3 Moves For Ripped Lower Abs

Now, you can't "spot train" but you can target particular areas of the abdominals by hitting movements that target the lower musculature of your abdominal sheath. So the first exercise that I find to be killer for the low ab region are hanging ab raises.

Three-Move Lower Ab Workout For A Killer V-Cut Six Pack

If you tuned in last week then you peeped my video on 3 of my favorite lower ab exercises targeting those "v-line" pelvic muscles. First exercise will be the hanging leg raises - Remember, this is a SLOW AND CONTROLLED movement, so be mindful to not swing your legs and use momentum.

Fast 10 Minute Arm Workout

Today I'm going to show you a work out to really blast your bi's and tri's for massive arms using bicep/tricep supersets and negatives to really put your muscles under tension and get a huge pump.

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs (Fast Chest Fat Fix)

It's Man Boob Monday over here at Six Pack Shortcuts and I am going to walk you through a quick, in-home chest workout designed to develop and broaden your chest. Stretching and building the muscle fascia in this area will result in dispersing the pockets of chest fat that may have accumulated in this area.

Explosive Football Circuit For Strength And Fat-Loss

Today we are going to hit you guys with one of my all time favorite football conditioning workouts that I found most effective during my time playing ball. Football was my gateway into transforming my physique into an athletic build and it helped me shed off a lot of excess fat.

How To Do Your First Pull Up (Then 6 More)

Today we are going to hit you all with the beginners guide to perfecting the pull-up. I'm gonna give you the proper 3 steps in performing the ultimate perfect pull up because it's one of the greatest exercise movements in developing a great overall physique.

How To Get Six Pack Abs In 4 Minutes: Extreme Plank Workout

We are here today to walk you through a super fast, super intense plank workouts that will really shred your core. Now this is a fantastic routine for you guys at home to do right from the comforts of your own living room if you'd like because it requires no equipment. If you want six pack abs fast, I recommend hitting this routine 3x a week.

How to Measure Body Fat and Get Shredded Arms and Abs Fast

Here is one of my quick arm and ab workouts to show you guys just how effective my training sessions are... And also, I brought him in today to test out this brand new device called the Skulpt Aim in which not only measures your body fat percentage but also the muscle quality of individual body parts.

5 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

I'm going to give you some alternatives to running so you can get the cardio you need to get ripped, lean, and shredded without having to run a step...

Max Calorie Burn Partner Workout — Destroy Body Fat Fast & Get Ripped

Today we are going to be showing you guys a crazy effective full-body partner workout that will help push past your own personal limits which can sometimes get the best of you if you typically like to train alone… Today’s workout consists of 3 intense exercises, two of which have NEVER been featured on the Six Pack Shortcuts channel,

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