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5 Rookie Workout Mistakes That Can Kill Your Joints

We are going to talk about some common gym mistakes that we want to help you avoid. We're going to demonstrate the 5 most common mistakes we see in the gym for each muscle group: Legs, back, chest, shoulders, and abs.

Fat-Melting At-Home Cardio Workout (Fat Loss For Busy Men)

Before I get into the workout, I want to give a shout out to our friends at for supporting our channel and hooking us up. The book I'm actually listening to is called Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. If you're not familiar, he's the creator of Nike...

Chest Workout For Beginners — With “Workout Buddies” Star Chris Encarnacion

I wanted to give you a quick rundown and history on what's going on with Chris. He works here at SPS and approached me asking to get involved with platinum coaching so I'll let him tell you a little bit of his story.


The "Bro Code" - Here are the 5 rules to obey to be a Gym Bro. Bro Code #1: Never ever...

Killer, Fast Arm Workouts With Jonny & Clark

Today I'm here with my good friend Clark Bartram to go over how to build big and muscular arms - "curls for the girls" and "tri's for the guys" as Clark likes to say. Clark and I are going to break down 4 arm workouts for you all out there: 2 for the triceps and 2 for the biceps.

Cupping & Gua Sha — Jonny’s Brutal Yet Effective Recovery Routine

Today I'm with special guests and good friends Genevieve and Mike to go over these 2 ancient Chinese methods of healing that I love to do to not only treat but prevent injuries and soreness when it comes to training: cupping and gua sha.

3 Ways For Beginners To Burn Off Body Fat And Strengthen Weak Points

we’ve been working together for the last 2 weeks on laying out the proper nutrition and meals, exercise programming and setting goals and benchmarks. Jax is starting out with a solid framework and build, but he’s got a lot of opportunity to get even better.

BRUTAL 10 Min Couples’ Workout – With Dr. Samantha Vogel & Jonny Catanzano

We are here today to go over how to start losing that stubborn belly fat to get the abs showing. Before we get into our workout, I want to make sure you guys get these 4 essential tips on how to start building your six pack

Top 3 Rookie Workout Mistakes — With Connor Murphy, Henry Tran & Jonny Catanzano

Today I got my boys Connor Murphy and Henry Tran in the building. We just got finished up with a killer workout, and while we were just talking, started thinking back to when this all started for us...Especially all the mistakes we made along the way. Today we wanted to break down 3 of our top rookie mistakes that you should completely avoid when starting to workout and get your six pack abs.

6 Minute Killer Fat-Burning High Intensity Workout

Today, we’re going to go through 5 killer high-intensity exercises for burning belly fat that I put together from using the Audible app. I went through 2 great audiobooks on Audible and came up with this awesome high-intensity workout to change things up, get out of my comfort zone, and give you guys a killer fat-burning workout circuit.

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