AVOID These 3 Low-Quality Proteins

Hey, guys – Thomas here and I need you guys to drop that protein you’re eating stat – it not only is keeping you from the body you deserve, but the stuff inside them could be killing you!


The Top 5 Myths About Intermittent Fasting BUSTED

I’m going to be breaking down the Top 5 Myths of Intermittent Fasting and what a lot of you all ask me on Facebook or in the comments. There’s a lot more to what’s going on in your body with intermittent fasting, and I have the science here to…


Announcing… Science Based Six Pack

Thomas DeLauer here, and after all this time doing videos with the SixPackAbs.com team, it’s finally here – Science Based Six Pack. I’m taking over the channel this week, and I want you all to mark your calendars for October 27th – the OFFICIAL Launch Day of Science Based Six Pack. Today, I’m going to be breaking down…


How To Make Healthy Homemade Ice Cream

This healthy recipe is dairy-free, raw, vegan, and part of a plant-based diet, so you can get your daily servings of fruit in a way that feels like…