Train Like A Fighter – Francis Ngannou’s Power Punching Workout

Training to go out and do this so often isn’t easy… Especially if you’re a championship contender on a win streak or reigning champ looking to defend the title. Check out this new workout breakdown of how to train to do just that (or get in great shape and burn fat)…


Merry Christmas HIIT Workout

Try out this quick holiday-inspired workout with each exercises’ first letter spelling out a very Merry Christmas!


Bench Press Core Stability Exercise

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Fast Kettlebell Compound Workout

…With the added bonus of using a single piece of equipment to train and add resistance to the workout, you can boost those benefits, even more, to help lose weight and get in shape. So, check out and follow along with this quick kettlebell circuit you can…


Quick Strength & Power Circuit

Doing a workout in a circuit-style saves time in the gym while simultaneously working multiple muscle groups at once, with minimal rest. That’s one hack for the gym to make sure you aren’t…


Proper Form For Spiderman Push-Ups

Bodyweight exercises can not only be as effective, if not more than resistance training or using machines, but can challenge you in ways outside of moving the most weight or…


5-Minute Fat Burning Workout To Fix Your Dad Bod

Chris Walding here today were here in the SixPackAbs.com Clark Shao Memorial Gym to bring you a killer, fat-burning workout designed to eliminate belly fat so you don’t fall victim to a ‘Dad Bod’ or…


Quick Post-Thanksgiving Workout

Ok, guys, so Thanksgiving was yesterday and all – you enjoyed time with the family, friends, and, most importantly, indulged in some delicious Thanksgiving foods. But… Remember when you…