How To Choose A Protein Powder


Whey Protein

Regardless of who you are or what your training background and history may be, everyone can agree that having a protein shake after a workout is essential. Countless studies conducted suggest that whey protein is the best at both:

  1. Stimulating muscle protein synthesis
  2. Improving weight loss 

Now…What exactly is whey protein?

Whey protein is one of two proteins found in milk. Casein is also found in milk so anytime you eat a dairy product, you’re getting a little of both. Casein is another protein source that is slow-digesting, taking anywhere from 5-7 hours to fully break down. Utilizing casein can help provide a steady slow stream of protein throughout the night, which can keep your muscle tissue satiated. Cottage cheese is a great source for this, which is why I recommend it as a late night snack!

Unless you’re vegan/vegetarian or absolutely refuse to have dairy, I will never recommend soy protein. Soy contains something we call phytoestrogens (or plant-produced estrogens) and if you know anything about sex hormones – estrogen causes the development of feminine characteristics (man boobs…no thanks). Too much soy can wreak havoc on your hormones and can disrupt important muscle building and weight loss metabolic processes…Processes essential in shedding the excess weight on the body and toning the physique. 

Protein makes you big and strong, see?
Whey protein makes you big and strong, see?

The processes used to create whey protein [concentrate] end up making it around 70-80 percent protein, with the remainder being carbs and fat. This is usually a cheaper choice, but I would highly recommend buying an isolate.

Whey protein isolate is created with a process that cuts out excessive fats and carbohydrates so you’re getting a better, more pure protein. Isolates are usually more expensive, but keep in mind that’s with protein powder what you pay for is what you get. A good choice for a whey protein isolate and my absolute favorite is Alpha Meal – a grass-fed whey protein isolate blend.

For the best results, use your whey protein drink immediately after your workout. If it’s a rest day, treat it like a snack to ensure you are still meeting your daily protein needs.

Keep training hard, and don’t forget to check out my other supplement articles to help get you that much closer to your goal physique.

Until Next Time, Train Hard


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