Published on Oct 12, 2016
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Hey what’s up guys, it’s Clark Shao here today with Six Pack Shortcuts and we need to talk about your back day.I know most guys are probably focusing on getting monstrous traps or super wide lats so they can have that “V” Shape, but there’s a very important muscle in our backs that you shouldn’t be forgetting when it comes to back day.

This muscle helps pull your shoulders back so you stand up tall…It helps protect your shoulder too…

And it can help make your shoulders look huge from the back as well as the front.

This muscle is the third and most forgotten muscle of your shoulder… because it sits in the back. It’s called your “posterior deltoid” and it’s used during most of your pulling motions on back day, but you should really consider taking some extra time at the end of your workout to give it a little more of a burnout.

So here are three different versions of the posterior deltoid fly exercise to finish off your back day:

3:16 – Cable Crossover Posterior Delt Flyes

4:05 – Lying Cable Posterior Delt Flyes

4:45 – Seated Posterior Delt Flyes with Dumbbells

It’s as simple as that – you just want to really feel that burn in the back of your shoulders so you can get some extra growth and strength out of your rear deltoids to improve your physique, posture, and overall pulling strength.

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