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TestMax Nutrition

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The most comprehensive diet plan specifically for men

  • Compehensive eating system and guide for maximizing Test
  • Get more out of your food with Clark's knowledge and research
  • Delicious recipes to help you feel like yourself again


The TestMax Nutrition System is a full fledged guide to rejuvenating the male hormone system through powerful yet easy-to-follow nutrition and lifestyle strategies. For the first time, everything a man needs to know about his master male hormones and their role in achieving weight loss is now available in one all encompassing system.

What you will discover about your master male hormone in this system

These and more!


Many things that men are eating and doing are greatly impacting their hormone health in negative ways - many of these very practices are widely considered “healthy” when in fact, they wreak havoc on the male hormone system.


Get the step by step advice to improving your daily routine and making the ideal environmental changes for your hormone health to flourish.


This system doesn’t just teach you which foods are proven to support your male hormones… TestMax goes a step further and provides men with a complete week by week meal plan that includes a grocery list and full nutritional breakdown of each recipe included in the TestMax nutrition plan.


More than 50 different studies are referenced within the program’s video modules to support the TestMax eating principles in their role of benefiting your male hormone system.

The TestMax Diet Plan VS Competitor Diet Plans

When men think of the word diet, they often are referring to something temporary - and 99 times out of a hundred, they are also associating this word with weight loss. Webster’s lists one of its definitions for diet as “a regimen of eating or drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight.” This is the definition almost all of us think of when it comes to the word - a temporary way of living to achieve the desired outcome of weight loss. However, when it comes to men who are over the age of 40, the word “diet” must have a totally different definition. As men continue to age, their ability to lose weight and maintain wellness becomes more and more dependant on the health of their male hormone system [1]. As studies have shown, with each passing year in a man’s life, master male hormone production begins to dip lower and lower [2]. The problem with this fact is that having lower levels of these male hormones makes it more difficult for men to maintain a lean physique [3] [4]. For this reason, feeding your body an array of male-supporting nutrients should be the main focus of any weight loss diet a man chooses over short-term and “temporary” quick fixes that too many diets out there suggest.

The TestMax Difference: Fuel Your Hormones With Male-Specialized Nutrients

Hormone-friendly Eating

The core of TestMax Nutrition is designed to teach men how to form hormone-friendly eating habits by upgrading your diet with foods that contain many of nature’s most male-specialized nutrients.
The Earth-grown micronutrients and macronutrients that make-up the TestMax meal plan have been consumed by mankind for centuries and have also recently been established through modern day research to be some of the most ideal nutrition choices for promoting male wellness - as many cited studies suggest.

Healthy Fats

For example, the TestMax meal plan includes an abundance of healthy dietary fats such as those found naturally within many oils, whole eggs, nuts and seeds - this is because researchers have reported a positive relationship between fats and male hormone levels. In fact, one study proved that men who regularly consume mixed healthy fats were shown to have higher levels of T when compared to men who did not consume fats [1].

Essential Minerals

Zinc, a mineral widely abundant among animal meats such as beef, seafood and poultry, has been well established through science to be helpful in increasing test levels in men [2][3][4]. Similar to zinc, the mineral Magnesium has also been thoroughly studied for its hormone-enhancing effects in men - One study even relayed that magnesium has the ability to free bound T molecules, making it more bio-active within the male body [5]. In a separate analysis, which had 400 male participants, the researchers found out that in older men, higher serum magnesium levels correlate with higher male hormone levels [6]. The advantage of consuming these and other hormone-supporting nutrients as part of your weight loss strategy is the overwhelming amount of data on safety. When you eat for your hormones, you can experience the natural satisfaction of rejuvenating your body’s appearance for the long term - not just for a “quick fix”.

Your All-In-One Food And Lifestyle System Designed Just For Men Includes:

The Test Ph.D Module:

In this 9 video series, you will learn all of the basic fundamentals of how your male hormones work and the many ways you can impact the production of these vital hormones. You’ll discover the elements of an ordinary man’s lifestyle that may be causing your test levels to be suppressed, and exactly what you can do to correct these factors to turn your t-boosting engine into full gear. Plus you will receive a complete breakdown of the exact foods that promote your hormone production and the foods that harm your hormones - so you can begin experiencing improvements as soon as you make your initial commitment if you wish.

The Masculine Meal Prep Module:

Within the 4 video tutorials in this series, you will learn the easy to follow rules to making healthy, hormone-supporting meals right from your very own kitchen - with no former cooking experience required! This module breaks down the complicated aspects of dieting, such as how to cook, how to make healthy foods taste amazing, and how to plan and prepare a week’s worth of meals in just 60 minutes, one time a week. Dieting has never been this straightforward.

The Kick-Start Recipe Guide:

This complimentary recipe guide is a gold standard for men who are transitioning their eating habits away from addictive, harmful junk foods and towards a healthier approach. By using this simple recipe cheat sheet, you’ll have the exact blueprint to making the best hormone-supporting foods appetizing and enjoyable as a beginner who is new to dieting, or as a male-hormone-supportive lifestyle who wants to reap all the benefits of following a hormone friendly diet without sacrificing any of the great taste.

The Master Test-Boosting Foods Catalog:

Following a diet typically means you are following a set plan that allows for no deviation - Luckily, the TestMax Nutrition System includes a full catalog of all of the best known test boosting foods that have been proven through research to benefit your hormone health. This means that men who follow the TestMax plan will be able to create endless meal combinations using the best foods known for male health - virtually making this diet customizable to your very own taste buds.

The Pros Love TestMax

Here's what the experts think about the TestMax system...

Mark Mcilyar

#1 Youtube Exercise Trainer for men over 4 - Age 55

“As an expert in hormone-performance training for men, I was astounded at the results I experience when I combined the TestMax meal plan with my workout regimen as part of my daily routine. Within just a week, I noticed that my energy was through the roof during my workouts and I even saw noticeable improvements in the shape of my body too. Nutrition really is that important.”

Dr.Don A. Salyer

D.C. PhDLife Extension & Anti-Aging Expert

"The best part about the TestMax approach is that it teaches men how to tackle all of the everyday lifestyle factors that impact a man's hormone health. By adjusting what you eat, you can naturally increase your test levels - it's just that simple. This is something every man can do right in their own kitchen."

Michael O’Hearn

Celebrity Fitness Icon - Age 42

"Clark Bartram has created the all time best, most practical way for men to lose weight. PERIOD. Forget about hours in the gym, or eating lettuce all day... Eat for your hormones and you'll be amazed at how satisfied you'll be with the results."

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Scientific Studies

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Scientific Studies

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