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Fit Fast

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20 Minutes, 5 Days A Week, 100% Results

Fit Fast Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

No Time or Place To Workout? We have your solution!

For busy people, it comes as no surprise that the #1 excuse for not achieving weight loss comes down to one thing - Not having enough time, or the right equipment… Until now.

With the Fit Fast at-home fat loss program, you are able to maximize your results by taking advantage of the key biological state in which peak fat-loss potential is more easily reached - the “fasted" state.

Often referred to as the “empty stomach” state that occurs upon waking from our sleep cycle. Fasted workouts make it possible to get hours worth of results in 20 minutes or less - without even having to leave home.

How The Fit Fast Program Works

The Fit Fast program contains ten weeks of fast-paced follow-along workout video routines that do not require a gym membership or weight training experience to perform. All you need is a towel, water bottle and 20 minutes of your morning to complete each fat-melting exercise sequence and achieve the peak thermogenic effect that’s ideal for weight loss.

The Science Behind Fat Loss With Fit Fast

Every night when you fall asleep, your body is metabolising (burning) energy from the food fuel you consumed during the day. When your wake cycle begins, your body is now in the “postabsorptive state”, where your body will begin burning stored energy to power your morning activity.

The first 4 hours of your morning are known as your “fasted state”, where your body turns to stored fat cells for its energy needs. By performing brief bouts of exercise during this time frame you’ll be able to maximize your overall fat loss potential.

After performing exercise on an empty stomach your metabolic rate will be dramatically increased - allowing your body to continue burning calories at an accelerated rate for the remainder of your waking hours, increasing the effectiveness of utilizing energy stores (fat).

So what does science say about the benefits of skipping breakfast before working out?

Burn Fat Faster

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One study followed 12 people who performed exercise either after breakfast or while they were still fasting from the night before (1). Those who hadn’t broken their fast (hadn’t had breakfast) burned up to 20% more body fat during the same workouts.

What’s especially interesting is that those who skipped breakfast didn’t overeat later or try to otherwise “make up” for the early AM calories they missed out on. So getting a head start on your workout pre-breakfast could help you lose more fat without causing you to sneak in extra calories later.

Reduced Appetite

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Exercise is thought to reduce the activation of brain regions linked to food cravings, which can result in a lower motivation to eat (2), (3). It can also reduce hunger hormone levels while increasing feelings of fullness (4) - further assisting in supporting long term weight management goals.

Improved Performance

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There’s evidence that exercising when your carbohydrate levels are low, like when you’re on an empty stomach, actually helps improve performance during “normal” workouts. The idea behind “train low, compete high” is that working out in a glycogen-low state helps your body become more efficient at burning fat so, at times when carb levels are high, the body is primed and raring to go (5).

References and Citations

Let’s face it — we’re all super busy. By adding Fit Fast’s 20-minute workout routines into your morning schedule, you can get all your calorie-burning out of the way first thing without the distractions that happen later.

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