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Abs After 40 2.0

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Lean and strong, is that where you want to go?

  • Full workout regimen designed by Coach Eric
  • Learn how to shed fat and build muscle
  • Fix the bad habits that lead you to your current weight
  • Feel good again

Why this program is for you

This program, Abs Over 40, is designed with scalability in mind. By scalability, I mean it will scale you up over the course of the 3 unique cycles. Building a strong foundation takes time and deliberate programming. Therefore you can have no fear of beginning this program no matter where you are in your current state of fitness and health.

Throughout the expertly designed and easy to follow routines, I am going to help your body by focusing on these principals:
1. Have deliberate stimulus to muscle groups and the neurological system at the right time
2. Create a strong and stable core before adding intensity or dynamic movement which helps decrease injury
3. Help to achieve Daily WINS, to boost the psychological effects of training and goal setting.
4. Develop a strong and stable core through specific Primal Movements, connecting what we do in our training to how we perform in daily routines.
5. Build capacity both metabolically and aerobically to lean you out and boost natural hormones like testosterone and serotonin.

Meet your coach - Eric Botsford

Once you Hit the Age of 40, Reality Hits you … Time is a Real thing and you Reflect on how you have spent your time thus far. As a naive young man, I used to look at those older than me and see the chaos and fear in their eyes, as they scramble for ways to take back time. I saw men, just like you and I are now, try to push their bodies to the breaking point as a way to reclaim lost time.

Kids, Work, and just life, in general, can take those moments which we intend to spend on ourselves, and make them disappear. By the time we hit 40, those moments have turned into months and years of neglect or distraction. This is exactly why I created the Abs over 40 program. This is an opportunity to commit, take back moments, and not kill yourself doing it.

I am someone who has ridden the delicate balance of being a business owner, father to two daughters, husband, and adventurer. Through deliberate sacrifice and steadfast determination, I have found ‘balance’ in my life. Never working so hard that my home life or body is destroyed, and never playing so much or spending too much time on myself that relationships and my businesses suffered. And this my friends, cannot be taught like a squat or a push-up. This is on you.

One thing that I can promise you is change. I will change your life by helping you establish correct movement patterns, solid strength gains, and increased mobility. But I cannot change your ‘balance’. I cannot change how you approach your health and fitness. We are all over 40 now, we know that gurus don't always exist and that answers take work to find.

My Tough Love comes from years and years of dedication. It comes from watching men and women hit hard times and just settle or give up. I implore you, do not settle. Do not give up. We are settling in on the best years of our lives and with our bodies and minds in the best shape possible, you can conquer anything. Live like a legend, perform like a champion, and commit to the abs after 40 programs.

I would venture to say that this program is more than a series of workouts, it is a framework for establishing habits. Habits that will create ripples in your life that turn into waves of positivity and change in the world around you. If you don't believe me I will literally give you the contacts of the hundred of people just like you that I have coached over the years. Through dedication to my fitness programs, they have reached financial, personal, and even spiritual success that they never thought possible.

The AA40 2.0 program is designed on 3 specific cycles

Cycle 1 is designed around learning and mastering the basic compound movements that we will build on in the subsequent cycles. At the root of all athletic training is a mastering of the basics. In my program, we use what is called, Primal Movements. These are specific movement patterns that, when done correctly, take your joints through the full range of motion, will help produce size and definition, and help you burn unwanted fat throughout the midsection because they incorporate multiple joints and an emphasis on your core.

Cycle 2 is all about Hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is the enlargement of tissue through moderate weight training and higher reps. The Hypertrophy stage is important in losing fat because of the time under tension that doing rep ranges of 15-20 reps and the corresponding metabolic strain. In the second cycle, we will be doing all the primal movements that you learned in the first cycle but now we will be going heavier, bumping up the intensity and the duration. This is a really important cycle hormonally as well. This is when you will see increased energy, libido, and a happier mood.

Cycle 3 is where we put it all together. I will introduce exercises and workout intervals that will be more complex, higher in intensity, and will erase belly fat. In this cycle, this is where we will cut back on the reps slightly and go heavier. This cycle is always the best because you will begin to see muscles and definitions that you may not have seen in a long time or perhaps never before!

I am truly excited to help you reclaim yourself, both mentally and physically. If you are looking to beart back time, this Abs After 40 program will help you. You should look to the next 40 years of your life without pain, without regret, and without weakness. Strength is being humble and patient with yourself and this is on you to take on along this journey. I wish you hard work and struggle. I wish you all the things you want in life. I wish you Hard Work. Get after it, my friends.

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