Published on Jul 19, 2017
Get Started Training For Six Pack Abs

NOTE: 10 x 45lb plates + 50lb barbell

Today, I’m going to show you how you can do this – deadlift 500+lbs weighing only 150lbs… Just kidding guys – I don’t want you to go out and try to deadlift 500lbs out the gate. It’s your boy Jonny here on to go over the definitive guide on how to deadlift properly so one day you can more weight and be in killer shape like my boy Casey here.

You may be thinking – how are deadlifts going to help me lose fat or get a great physique? Since that’s a lot of your goals out there. Here’s the thing… Deadlifts are a full-body, compound movement that strengthens everything from your calves to your shoulders.

Deadlifts have you doing a single exercise that works over 5 different big muscle groups, making it that much more efficient and effective for working out to burn off the fat and sculpt the six pack.

So, I”m going to be breaking down the essentials to how to properly deadlift starting all the way from warming up to locking out the move at the top. Let’s get started:

0:50 – Warming Up: Foam rolling and dynamic stretching to get your muscles warm and ready to workout is always important.

1:20 – Equipment: Flat-soled shoes are the most necessary equipment for deadlifts. A belt and straps are not required, however, are there for you to use to keep you safe and secure when trying to train harder, lift more, and keep your form tight.

4:38 – Weight Selection: Get the form and range of motion down right first, so using a lighter weight to do so is key. Make sure to use the full-sized bumper or lifting plates to ensure proper barbell height.

5:40 – Your Stance & Foot Placement: There are different variations of deadlifts – sumo, stiff-legged, and conventional – but we’re talking all about conventional deadlifts today.

Your feet should be at a shoulder’s width with the barbell above and across the middle of your feet. A good tip to remember this is to count your laces to keep the bar in the same place every time you deadlift.

7:10 – Your Contact Points To The Ground: “Screw yourself into the ground” by twisting your heels down and back in your shoe to have your feet grip the ground better with your toes, outsides of the feet, and your heels.

8:08 – Hand Positioning: Arms should be just outside of your knees

8:30 – Grip: You have overhand, over-under, or for more of an advanced technique, a hook grip. Remember – your arms should be completely straight so you don’t tear a bicep.

10:02 – Body Position At The Bottom: You want to get down just low enough to contact the bar with your shins while having a flat back. Too low and you’ll squat the bar or too high and you do a different exercise.

10:54 – Your Lower Back: If your hips are too high, you will round the lower back and compromise your spine. Now, Thoracic spine flexion is OK, since that is the upper part of your back.

12:08 – Bracing & Breathing: “Taking the slack out” of the bar requires you to engage your lats in order to take the small amount of play left in the bar before your lift.

“Pack your back” by also tightening your core and squeezing your hamstrings – taking a deep breath in and having your stomach expand to protect and brace your spine.

13:32 – The Bar Path: The bar travels straight up and straight down, reducing any excess movement out of line that will expend more energy than you need to.

14:06 – Muscles At Work: You will feel a tightening in your Hamstrings, Glutes, Lumbar, Spinal Erectors, and Lats.

Tip: Drive your hips forward for the benefit of speed and power for the lift.

15:30 – Tips From Casey: It’s a process that takes time. It can take years to perfect your form and move up in weight, working backward and start from the beginning on form and technique to get up to 500+lbs on a deadlift.

Once you get your form and technique down, everything else becomes so much easier.

Thanks for tuning in on our Deadlift Tutorial video, guys. Hope this shed some light on a workout you may not be doing or doing incorrectly so you can get back on track to burning the fat and getting you those six pack abs.

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