Published on Oct 28, 2017
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Dedicating your life to helping others in need is one thing, but to be the one going through the same hardships while aiding those in need is nothing short of dedication to strive for.

James here was diagnosed with dystonia in 2012 that caused a huge disrupt in his bodybuilding pursuit. But, did he let that stop him? Hell no!

James adapted his training style to where he can continue to do what he’s passionate about, then took to social media to bring awareness to his condition. He didn’t let this situation stop him from pursuing what he wants in life, and continues to strive in his endeavors.

Who inspires you? What excuse did you make for not getting out to be active, train, or get in shape? Are you suffering from something similar to what James is dealing with? Take that into perspective next time you pass up the chance to get yourself in shape.

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