Best type of post workout for lean bulking while doing sixpackshortcuts?


I’ve been doing six pack shortcuts for 1 month now and have been following all of program guidelines, but I don’t know exactly what type of post workouts and meals I should be eating while post workout?

I’ve been taking muscle milk but don’t know if it’s efficient enough…


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What’s up, Robby!

I’m stoked to hear that you’re sticking to the program! Sorry about the confusion on your meals though.

Muscle Milk isn’t a bad choice, but really you just want any protein shake that has about 20grams immediately post-workout. Try to avoid anything with super high sugar content.

When you get home, try to have a little bit of fruit along with a fuller meal like a lean protein (chicken, fish, lean steak), a small portion of carbs like rice or potatoes, and veggies!

A lot of the amount of carbs you eat will be based on your body weight and type, but that should keep you pretty well covered for now!

Thanks for stopping by, man!




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