need help to lose weight and build muscle


I’ve been trying to lose weight and build muscle but its hard for me to lose fat i am 19 years old

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Thank you for your comment with us. It is a bit difficult to tell you precisely what to do since I don’t know your height or weight either, but if you’re finding it harder to lose weight, there are a couple things you can do to help get on track.

Write down every single thing you eat for 3 days – I mean EVERYTHING. Then, calculate the total number of calories you ate for each day – the average number of the 3 days is the number you’re going to want to use to determine how many fewer calories you should be eating. This is important to understand since eating fewer calories, also known as being in a caloric deficit, is the basis of how you can start losing weight.

For 1 week, eat 100 fewer calories per day. Then, the next week, eat 150 fewer calories. The week after that, eat 200 fewer calories – do you see the pattern? Now, here’s the important part about cutting out calories – the first thing that needs to decrease is the amount of sugar you are taking in, then the next is the amount of fast or processed food.

If you want to start building up some muscle too, the most efficient way is through compound muscle exercises. This way of training makes it so you are able to train all the muscles in the body multiple times a week versus maybe doing it only one muscle per training session. Try this workout here:

Hope this helps you out, Steven. Let us know what other questions or comments you have right here!

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