Please do a video on weight loss


Can you do a workout for the bottom,middle,and top belly fat. Please make it effective but without hard exercises to do. And please make sure you dont need equipment

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Thank you for the question on losing belly fat. Now, I need to tell you that realistically you cannot spot reduce belly fat by targeting different sections of the stomach with exercises.

If you want to start losing the belly fat – first thing that needs to happen is focus on nutrition. Write down everything you eat for 3 days – I mean EVERYTHING – and calculate the total calories you ate per day. After that is complete, what you want to focus on is taking in fewer calories – specifically less sugar and processed foods.

Take this process slow – reducing total calories eaten per day by 100 calories for 1 week. Then, the next week 150 fewer calories. After that, 200 fewer calories for that week. The rule is to take off an additional 50 calories per week so you can do this not slowly, but consistently.

If you want to start burning off the belly fat, high-intensity interval cardio training is the next tool to implement.

Since you said no equipment, follow this workout we have here at, but instead of weighted dumbbell side bends, either do them without any equipment or if you happen to have a 1-gallon water jug use that. Do this workout for 3 rounds each time you do it and you will be on your way to helping yourself get rid of that stubborn body fat.

I hope that answers your question, Sid. Let us know what other questions or requests for videos we can help you out with anytime!






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