I am a 57 man, struggling to get riped, still i have some bellyfat about 15%.

-I trayong all kind of foods, diet exercise, suplements, still dont get that abs?

-i still dont have enough power to train!

-How i can get that power?, after work i feel very tired.

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Hey, Simoes,

It’s a bit difficult to see if you are referring to power as in strength to train or power as in energy to train. But, let me answer for both.

In regards to having the strength to train – you need to have rest days scheduled into your training routine. It’s unclear what you may or may not be doing for your training, but I recommend forms of HIIT cardio and compound muscle exercises to be efficient and effective to reach your goal of getting your six pack abs.

As for having the energy to train – are you getting enough sleep at night? How many times are you eating per day? What are you eating? Making sure to get enough sleep, eating clean food options with proper levels of healthy fats, proteins, carbs, and essential nutrients as well as not skipping meals are a few ways to help. Check out our video here to learn about 6 mistakes that men over 40 tend to make when trying to get six pack abs and lose body fat: http://youtu.be/9A_IYjGNsd0

I see that you’re 57-years-old… Have you consulted your doctor and have your testosterone levels checked? That very well could be a factor in having both a lack of strength and energy to train to get your six pack abs. Here is a free video on what you may be doing that could be hurting your testosterone levels: http://youtu.be/Ip5SmjCjefM

I hope that gets you on track to your goals, Simoes. Let us know what other questions or comments you may have right here!


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Hi!Henry Train.

Tks, a lot for your answer.

I will ,try to get more information, about my testosterone ,.level.

Of course , i will try to have , more sleeping.

About, foods, mostly i am quite, on the target, still , get ride of chocolate, its not been very easy.

Now, i will try Malic Acid which will, improve, my Krebs Cycle.


Simoes osorio


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