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Hello Six Pack Shortcuts so im 15 and im in pretty good shape being on track and stuff but im skinny, i eat well sometime i eat alot and i workout everyday in track practice but im not seeing any good results like my biceps and chest arent really getting bigger any suggestions for a workout?

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Thank you for your question about adding some muscle onto your arms and chest. Now, sounds like you are on track and running a lot – which means you burn through calories at a pretty high rate for being on the track team.

In order to add size and build up your muscles, you need to be taking in MORE calories than you are burning, making sure to fuel your body with the right nutrients to help add on lean muscle mass.

If you are already running often for the track team, the next tool to start using is compound muscle exercises using some weight or resistance. Try this chest workout to start: http://youtu.be/iHR_8bwWenU.

Now, you can’t only do chest workouts every day, since you need to have a well-rounded physique, so make sure to implement more compound muscle exercises, that way you can work all the muscles in the body more frequently throughout the week to help them grow and develop.

Thanks again for the comment, Noah. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns right here!

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