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Hey guys,I’ve been confused for quite some time about two things. When actually do I inhale and exhale during exercises/workouts for building muscles and How do I differ the positive and negative motions in exercises/workouts??

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Hey, Daniel

That’s a great question, and I appreciate you taking the time to submit it to us. First thing’s first – breathing:

When training in general, you want to take a deep breath before executing a lift. You want to breathe from the diaphragm (space at the bottom of your stomach and core), and brace your core. You exhale at the top of a lift, making sure to focus on actually contracting the muscle you are working to engage it correctly and work it throughout the workout set.

I’ll explain positive and negative motion exercise with how bicep curls work. The positive motion is you curling the dumbbell or barbell up. The negative motion is you controlling it on the way down.

So, a way to increase what is called “time-under-tension” for your muscles or the amount of time your muscle is actually being worked and engaged during the lift, is to curl the weight up, then count back from three to zero as you lower it back to the start of the bicep curl, controlling the tempo and lowering it as you count back from three to zero. Does that make sense?

I hope I cleared things up for you. Make sure to let us know what other questions you have by posting right on here!


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