Published on Aug 29, 2017
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What is up, It’s Thomas Delauer here and today we’re talking about the pull up… By far is one of the BEST exercises you can do to develop your back and upper body strength and endurance… Yet, SO many guys struggle with this exercise.

Now before I shed light on the most common reasons why so many guys struggle with this movement, I want to first dissect the pull-up movement so we can get to the bottom of where the disconnect is for many of you.

Now… As it turns out… Most men who are unable to perform pull-ups think that the answer lies in the fact that they’re too heavy or that they’re lats are too weak to do it – which could be true in some cases…

And while your lats, biceps, and traps are doing work during this exercise, the real answer lies in your serratus anterior (SA), the muscle that holds your shoulder blade against your rib cage.

If your SA isn’t working correctly, you are setting up the other 17 muscles that attach to your scapula to fail.

When the scapula is out of position, you are putting yourself at a mechanical disadvantage… In other words, it’s not a matter of you not being strong enough… it’s actually more than likely a positioning failure that’s keeping you from performing pull-ups.

So today I want to give you 3 ways for you to BUILD your serratus anterior muscles so you can develop the positioning you need to perform pull-ups with ease:

2:38 – #1: SA Hanging Crunches

3:41 – #2: Cable Ab Extensions

4:25 – #3: Hollow Plank Holds

These workouts will help, but the main issue people have doing pull ups and with all other bodyweight exercises is that they’re overweight.

Do you still have questions on how to strengthen your body for pull ups? Are you unable to do a different kind of exercise? Still struggling with stubborn belly fat? Then let me know by posting your comments below via Facebook.

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