Congrats on subscribing and joining the fitness community here at! Not only do you get this entire free introductory workout series, but you’ll also be getting all my newest tips and tricks, free workouts, and other valuable resources to help you get the ripped six pack and shredded physique you’ve always dreamed of. My name is Henry Tran, and I’m truly honored to be your fitness coach and to lead you through these first couple steps to getting ripped six pack abs.

Each workout is only 15 minutes long – but don’t worry… It has the same fat melting intensity that you can find in the full-length Six Pack Shortcuts training program. This way, you’ll have a head start on the belly-fat blasting results. In fact, each of these 6 videos covers various, exclusive Six Pack Shortcuts training techniques that are designed to help you get rid of excess belly fat while putting on lean, strong muscle mass.

Myself and the other trainers here put this program together so that you can get the training basics covered before taking your body to the next level with Six Pack Shortcuts. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a timer or watch. For best results, try completing 3 to 4 of these workout videos per week.

Enough with the talk – let’s get started getting you into killer shape!

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