Published on Sep 26, 2017
Fuel Your Body For The Six Pack Abs You Deserve

Do YOU think you have what it takes to completely change your lifestyle habits to achieve the body and physique that you really want? Jonny here, and today I have Adam, one of my coaching clients that you may recognize from the Whippersnappers V.S. Geezer’s 300 Weighted Push-Up competition video. Adam here has been working with me and making those key changes to get on track towards being in the best shape of his life.

You see, the Adam you see before you today was not the same Adam when I first met him, or the same Adam from years and years ago. We’re here today to sit down and talk about what we’ve been doing to get him on track and what you at home need to understand when it comes to what it takes to make a change and get the body you deserve.

So, let’s break down what changes Adam has made and what important points you at home need to know about transforming:

1:03 – What were some previous habits for Adam that needed to change?

Unfortunately, going into college the dreaded “Freshman 15” turned more into “Freshman 50” and weight gain skyrocketed. Adam always said he would work out to compensate for bad diet habits, but never could get around to it.

1:54 – How old were you when you noticed the weight gain?
Adam was at age 24 weighing in at 270lbs.

2:05 – What life-changing event made you step up to the plate to get in shape?
The weight gain was so gradual that it wasn’t much of a thought at first, but when someone joked around and called Adam “fat” it triggered something in him that he never felt before.

3:06 – What was the next step in realizing that change needed to happen?

3:24 – What made you decide on and getting with us to help you?

3:46 – How Adam got the process broken down to him and got started with me.

4:15 – Nutrition changes and how Adam got acclimated

4:50 – What kind of results has Adam achieved after coaching with me?
Adam is now down to 198lbs and has been working with me over the last 3 months. Now, the weight being off isn’t the best part, but how Adam feels is what’s important.

5:30 – How does Adam maintain his results and changes?

6:08 – Words of advice from Adam.
Don’t get discouraged – one of the toughest parts of making a change like this is the beginning. The first 10lbs and the last 10lbs can end up being the hardest weight to lose.

7:09 – Once you make changes for the better, your body is going to want to stay in that state.

I gotta give it up to Adam here, he’s made a change for the better and is on his way to an even better physique from here on in. Thanks again to Adam for coming on and sharing his experience with us.

Don’t think that just because you’re at home, sitting on the couch watching TV, on your laptop, or on your phone that you can’t do this too. Remember, is all about the “non-scale” victories when it comes to losing fat and building muscle – you want to not only look good but feel good about it too.

What snags in the road or concerns are you having on your weight loss journey? I want to hear about em, so make sure to leave me a comment via Facebook below.

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